Essential oils in the kitchen, user guide

Essential oils in the kitchen, user guide

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The use ofessential oils in cookingit can perform various tasks. Based on the uses and the essence chosen, the essential oils they can enhance the taste of the dish, they can make it softer, more digestible or simply make a dish more fragrant and aromatic.

To use the essential oils in cookingyou will need to get a dropper, in fact in recipes you will never find a unit of measurement like ml: very few drops (often even just one) are enough to flavor different portions.

The essential oils in cooking they need a vector to be able to blend well with your preparations. The vector of excellence for food use isextra virgin olive oil; essential oils are substances lipophilic, dissolve in oil and fat, keep it in mind in your preparations.

Essential oils for food use

There are many on the marketessential oils, but when you buy one for food use, then you have to be very careful to choose it of excellent quality. L'essential oil for use in cookingit must be pure, obtained from plants grown with organic or biodynamic methods and extracted with natural methods. The extraction techniques compatible with food use are the classic ones: extraction by steam current or by pressing. When purchasing, make sure you choose aorganic essential oil 100% pure.

Choose aorganic essential oiland pure is only the first step. Not allessential oilsare suitable forfood use. We must exclude the essential oils toxic and those incompatible with cooking or food.

Which essential oils can be used in the kitchen?

Theessential oils for cookingcan be divided into four groups and are the following.

  • Essences
  • Essential oils of aromatic herbs
  • Essential oils from flowers
  • Essential oils of spices
    - Coriander seeds

Before using an essential oil in cooking, you need to study it well by starting to understand what purposes it is used inaromatherapy, you must know its properties and characteristics. With these basics you will notice how an essential oil with purifying and deflating properties goes well with a food rich in fat and difficult to digest. The use of essential oils in cooking thus it becomes excellent on the palate and functional to our body.

Do not forget that they should only be used in the kitchen organic essential oils and 100% pure (natural).

Essential oils in the kitchen by Deiana Roberta, the book
If you want to deepen this topic further you can buy the book by Deina Roberta entitledEssential oils in the kitchen. In the book you will find interesting recipes and good tips on how to cook with essential oils. The book can be purchased on Amazon at a price of 7.57 euros, including shipping costs. For all information, I refer you to the Amazon pageEssential oils in Roberta Deiana's kitchen.

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