Lawn care in the summer

Lawn care in the summer

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Having a beautiful lawn requires a lot of constancy; just overlook a few details and all the work goes awry in no time. If we want to preserve the health of our turf and prevent unpleasant consequences, it will be necessary not only to irrigate more frequently but to ensure all the necessary care to prevent any problems.

In this guide we will show you some golden rules for lawn care in summer. The operations to be carried out include activities such as fertilization, irrigation and lawn mowing.

Lawn care in the summer, golden rules.

  • Be consistent

Always be constant in maintenance

  • Irrigation

Irrigate a little at a time but continuously; this way you will get the lawn used to collecting water on the surface

  • lawn irrigation system

If you have to go on vacation and you have no way to always ensure water for your lawn, build an irrigation system; there are both ready-made kits and pieces that can be assembled as desired. Dynamic sprinklers are preferred; they continuously rotate the water jet and send it much farther than the static ones which instead make the water umbrella fixed.

  • When not to irrigate

Avoid nighttime irrigation; nocturnal water stagnation favors diseases. No water even in the hottest hours: regardless of the fact that the water evaporates quickly, there is a risk of thermal shock and the solar lens effect that could burn the lawn.

  • Fertilization

The lawn needs nitrogen, a nutrient widely present in many natural fertilizers of animal origin, also available today dry in the form of pellets: this eliminates the problem of stench. Fertilization should be done twice a year: in early spring and late summer.
Avoid chemical fertilizers: your children and your animals may play on that lawn.

  • When to cut the grass

The grass must be cut regularly, especially in hot weather. In fact, in this period the grass grows quickly, therefore cut little but often. Frequent cutting also prevents weeds from strengthening and above all producing seeds.
But be careful, the grass must be cut when it is dry in order to prevent part of the cut from falling to the ground and forming a dangerous pewter that suffocates the lawn and favors the onset of fungal diseases.

  • Air the ground

The aeration of the lawn also plays a fundamental role. This practice improves the health of the lawn, as it allows water and fertilizer to better penetrate deep into the soil. This practice consists in making holes in the ground. For further information, please refer to the article "Aerating the lawn"

On sale in DIY stores you will find nice shoes-ventilate-lawn: they are spiked overshoes that cost a few euros. Walking with these on the lawn you will make a lot of small holes ... maybe you can wear them when you cut the grass so you will optimize the time.

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