Achimenes, cultivation and advice

Achimenes, cultivation and advice

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Those looking for plants that grow in partial shade can aspire toachimenesan unusual bulb with small pretty flowers. Dell 'achimenesthere are several varieties, all with generous flowering: the flowers bloom continuously and in large numbers, from early summer to late autumn.

For the cultivation ofAchimenesit will be enough to respect a few simple rules.

The right exposure for cultivating achimenes

L'Achimenesit is native to the mountainous regions of Central America, with our climate it can be grown in summer, in a partial shade position.

Choose a location where the plant receives the early morning and late afternoon sun after 6pm.

Who wantscultivate the achimeneshe will have to be very careful to respect the exposure described above, otherwise the leaves and flowers will burn. With a sunnier exposure theachimenesit would risk not blooming or blooming with limited and less abundant flowers.

The ideal soil for the cultivation of Achimenes

L'achimenesit prefers a well-drained and light soil, similar to that used for growing succulents. Forcultivate the achimenesyou can also use universal soil, as long as you make it more draining by adding sand and pumice in equal parts.

How to grow Achimenes

You can start thecultivation of Achimenesat the end of winter / early spring, when all risk of frost has passed (including late ones!). You can bury theachimenesat a depth of about one or two centimeters, choose a shallow vase or a shallow and wide bowl: theachimenesit must be able to develop horizontally.

The soil of theachimenesit should be kept moderately moist. To stimulate the branching of the plant (remember!More branches = more flowers!), when theachimeneswill have generated shoots about 15 cm long, cut them by removing a third of the entire foliage. The buds can be used to give life to other plants such ascuttings.

The irrigations
L'achimeneswants moderate irrigation: it cannot stand water stagnation. At the end of autumn, in view of the first frosts, suspend all types of irrigation to prepare the rhizomes for vegetative rest. When the aerial part of the plant has dried, remove the vegetation and leave the rhizomes buried. The rhizomes must be extracted and planted again in the following spring.

The fertilizations
L'achimenesit must not be fertilized on a regular basis: just one fertilization per year administered at the time of vegetative rest. Fertilize by burying mature manure at a rate of 20 - 25 grams for bowls of 25 - 40 cm in diameter. Remember that in this case it is not possible to perform a fertigation: liquid fertilizers could damage the rhizomes.

  • Recapitulation

When: April
How: burying 1-2 cm deep in bowls rich in light and well-draining soil
Where: partial shade position
Fertilization: between April and May

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