Autobau: at the service of animals

Autobau: at the service of animals

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Autobau: useful services for "furry friends". That's what it is, and it created it Gianluca Baldon after years of work in animal protection, years in which Autobau it was already in his mind, and he grew up seeing the many troubles one can run into living with an animal. Gianluca Baldon he was and still is convinced that "it is necessary to make our cities not only on a human scale but also on a living being", including cats and dogs, but not only.

1) How and when was Autobau born? With what purpose?

Autobau was born in 2008 after 15 years spent working "in the field" in a large animal rights association in Milan. The goal with which I created Autobau has been and is to provide pet owners with services of various kinds.

2) What services does Autobau offer exactly? Are there any limitations of km or type of animals? Or in size?

It is not just about taxi service in the sense of transport. Autobau offers a complete range of services ranging from "emergency taxis" to recovery or search services. This applies to any animal that has escaped or disappeared, as long as its dimensions are compatible with the vehicle used by Autobau. As for distances, most of the services that Autobau takes place in Milan or in the province and the journey is to go to the vet, the groomer or the airport. There are no km limits, so if you want Autobau it also deals with transfers to holiday resorts or to other cities, for removals or whatever. In the story of Autobau, I still remember a trip to Alicante, Spain, with a dog and a cat. Not for vacation but for a permanent move

3) What are the most popular routes in Autobau? Is there a difference between requests for dogs / cats or other animals?

Most of the du Autobau asks for a ride to the vet. Often if the animal is a cat and must be placed in the appropriate carrier, Autobau from one hand in the operation not always easy to perform. Cats often get aggressive and scratch when they are put into the carrier so I take care of it myself. With dogs this problem is not very common, I still know how to move.

4) What are the types of pet owners who turn to Autobau?

To call Autobau it is the people, the owners of animals, who are more diverse. They range from retired to those who simply do not have a car. Or call Autobau the manager who has no time but has many animals to manage. There are also those who, despite having the time, means and age to do it themselves, still prefer to contact Autobau: he feels calmer, perhaps, or he prefers to have an expert at his side to ask for advice. Autobau does this too.

5) What are the difficulties you encounter in carrying out the Autobau business?

With Autobau the only difficulties are those relating to traffic. In fact, while using every possible precaution, animals suffer from car sickness. It makes me very tender to see them feel bad, it makes me suffer, I try in complete safety to get them to their destination as soon as possible. Traffic is therefore the essential problem, it makes them suffer "unnecessarily".

6) In your career at Autobau, is there an anecdote that struck you, in terms of love for animals?

With Autobau everything I see and happen to me there would be so many anecdotes to tell but there is one that has particularly remained in my mind. And in the heart. And in the "book of memories" of Autobau. It is the story of a gentleman of about 80, owner of a cat, who cried every time he went to the vet to get her vaccinations. As soon as the bites were finished, he hugged his cat in a very moving way. I was very fond of seeing them.

And then there is also the Fox Terrier he just saw me coming with Autobau and entering his house he would jump behind the sofa to hide. Always among the dogs in the history of Autobau, even a Doberman who, on the contrary, as soon as I opened the doors of the van Autobau, you would sling inside, without having to ask him anything, or the Bull Mastiff that snored during the journey from Piazza V Giornate, in Milan, to Vigevano. Finally the Pinscher and the Rottweiler what trouble if they didn't travel together: they were inseparable.

7) Dogs and cats aside, the strangest animals Autobau dealt with?

Two cases I remember in particular, aboard Autobau: a Vietnamese piglet and an alligator to be transported from one park to another. As for the customers, memorable, all those of Autobau for me they are memorable, the character of the show calling Autobau, or the famous footballer, like the pensioner with a surname unknown to most, or the employee. Each has its own story to tell and Autobau there is.

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