Natural remedies for vitiligo

Natural remedies for vitiligo

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There vitiligo is a degenerative skin disease that can affect many parts of the body. It manifests itself as a change in the color of the skin causing spots or absence of pigmentation.

The skin will have areas with a lighter color and according to the natural skin tone it will be more or less evident: those with dark skin will have pink spots and those with light skin will have white marks. The areas of the body most affected are: hands, face, feet, elbows and knees, elbows and face.

How to cure vitiligo?
The medical treatments that are prescribed to those with vitiligo problems are unfortunately expensive, ineffective and take enough time to get the first results. For this reason, many patients abandon treatment after a few weeks or months.
There are also therapies to recover skin pigmentation, however they are also very invasive and are also painful and there are not many qualified professionals. In the most severe cases of vitiligo it is possible to intervene with a skin graft.
Generally drugs are taken to promote the production of melanin, such as corticoids and psoralens, but in some cases there are side effects on patients.

Natural remedies for vitiligo
Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that are able to improve the appearance of vitiligo. Let's see below what they are:

  • Evening primrose oil

Extensive studies seem to confirm the efficacy of evening primrose oil in some of the dermatological diseases, such as urticaria, acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and vitiligo
In health food stores and health food stores, evening primrose oil capsules are available in concentrations of 500 mg.
In order to take full advantage of their properties, evening primrose-based supplements in the form of pearls should be taken regularly in the quantity ranging from two to four pearls of five hundred milligrams of oil throughout the day. The best time to take them should be during meals. For further information read "Evening primrose, beneficial properties"

  • Aloe vera

The properties for the skin contained in aloe vera are well known. Just open a leaf of the plant lengthwise, extract the gel and pass it on the areas affected by vitiligo; operation to be performed every day before going to sleep.

How to cure vitiligo, prevention

  • In order not to further worsen the situation, it is good to protect yourself from the sun: the affected area has no natural pigment barriers and, therefore, UV rays become even more harmful. Never leave the house without putting a good amount of sun protection on the depigmented area, at least 40!
  • Another prevention factor is represented by the reduction of stress levels: do not forget that it is the cause of most ailments and diseases, including vitiligo.
  • Use clothing that protects the affected areas, do not expose yourself to the sun at noon, especially in summer, and wear hats

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