Siamese cat: price, character and appearance

Siamese cat: price, character and appearance

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Siamese cat, cat not for everyone, he is a very "temperamental" type, not ideal for those who are nervous, impatient or intolerant. The Siamese cat however, he is great company and playful, also excellent for children and for aesthetics: his coat is a spectacle and, as they say, "available in various colors".

It is of Asian origin, probably from Siam, present-day Thailand and also has a semi-long-haired version called Balinese: the Siamese cat it has an unmistakably elegant and slender body and a very triangular head, not to mention the big blue eyes. Magnetic and magnificent.

Siamese cat: price

Not because it comes from Thailand, but the Siamese cat it costs from 400 euros upwards, without pedigree, but if you rightly expect it, you have to raise a few hundred euros. I would say from 700 upwards. There are also many colors, from the rarest to the most common, so it is better to contact the farms of Siamese cat, be careful especially with online ads and demand the correct certification. Not only for the breed, but also for the health of one's own or one's future Siamese cat.

Siamese cat: origin and history

Today the breed is widespread all over the world but the Siamese cat he arrived in Europe by landing in England at the end of the 19th century with some wandering merchants in love with his elegant features. In present-day Bangkok, not surprisingly in Siam times, ancient documents from the fourteenth century are preserved that tell of the Siamese cat, or so it seems, but that of centuries and centuries ago.

The first time the Siamese cat it made its debut in an exhibition only in 1881 in London, but the standard was then revised several times, many times, up to the last modification in the 1960s. In the meantime, however, the Siamese cat it depopulated, even in America when it arrived there, in 1890.

The first specimens of Siamese cat imported were tan with ivory body and very dark colored ends (Seal Point), but the 4 "classic" colors of the Siamese cat - Blu Point, Chocolate Point and Lilac Point - then the other colors were born from crosses with cats of other breeds. Colors aside, the Siamese cat today it has a less round snout and a generally lighter coat.

Siamese cat: appearance

The Siamese cat it is of medium size, it is distinguished by its moderately oriental features even if today they are attenuated by time. Its body is long and angular, showing long, thin legs that end in small, oval feet. Another "terminal" is the tail which must be very long and thin.

The triangular shape of the head is a sign of recognition of the Siamese catwhich is well associated with its wedge-shaped profile and oval or almond-shaped eyes. The eyes, however, are particular especially for the blue color, deeper and purer, it is even legendary.

The hair of the Siamese cat it is silky, thin and very adherent to the body, in general the body shows a uniform white-cream color with darker colored areas called points that cover ears, mask, tail, legs and part of the limbs. These points (seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, tortie, tabby blue / cream, red, cream) can vary their intensity of color depending on the temperature in which a specimen grows: a Siamese cat grown in a cool environment will have darker points and vice versa.

We come to the points, it is they who give rise to many types of Siamese cat always of extreme beauty and elegance. The Seal point Siamese cat it is the most widespread and - we have seen - also the first in the selection, it has very dark points that stand out on the light background color that varies from ivory to cream / beige.

The typology Blue point of the Siamese cat has blue / gray points that are well associated with the ice white that covers the rest of the coat while the Chocolate Point it has a mask, ears, legs, and predictably cocoa-colored tail. More precisely, milk chocolate color. The fingertips are antique pink while the coat is ivory. The fourth classic coloring of the Siamese cat and the Lilac Point with lilac / pink points and an ice-colored coat, this combination was initially called Frost Point.

A very similar breed, but which has so different colors that it deserves a name and a category of its own is that ofSnowshoe Cat, do you know him? He has snow-colored feet, I bet ...

Siamese cat: character

Not a cat for everyone, not everyone is a da people Siamese cat. This is the correct version of the facts. This feline is an outgoing and lively type, very communicative, and it is understood and heard above all by the type of meow, recognizable among 1000 other cats. The Siamese cat he doesn't like loneliness, but he doesn't want to stay with his colleagues, or even with strangers who want to cuddle and touch him. He, the Siamese cat, chooses a person who becomes his elective master. With him or her, she develops a very exclusive relationship, she almost manages to dialogue to the sound of mine and mao, modulating the sounds emitted as if it were almost a voice.

We talked about liveliness and that of Siamese cat he takes him to do stunts while playing, so much so that he gets on very well with children. Then it is not said that, if the owner is beached on an armchair to watch TV, he does not sit next to or on the backrest behind him, enjoying relaxation and emotional closeness.

Siamese cat: care and breeding

The most trainable of all was elected by popular acclaim, the Siamese cat, and you can also convince him to follow us on a walk on a leash. As for nutrition, it must be high-quality protein, not too loaded with carbohydrates as is often the case with DIY. It is indeed important that the Siamese cat eat in a balanced and varied way: he loves meat, but he is also fond of fish. Its beautiful fur, soft and silky, hard to believe, but it does not require special care: healthy food and an occasional delicate "polish" with a deerskin cloth to remove dead hair.

Siamese cat: my memories

I was elected mistress of a Siamese cat for over 10 years and I am honored. I have never stopped accompanying me to cats of all kinds, after Mizzie, as my cat of this breed was called, but she studied Latin and physics with me, listened to tearful radio broadcasts until late at night with a wise presence.

Never did a reproachful look touch me from this Siamese cat, his presence always made itself felt without intrusiveness. He watched all the first series of Beverly Hills 90210 that was very popular at the time. A little perplexed: she loved the World Cup more and USA'94 really got her involved. Until the last, under the TV, above the VCR, he did not lose a goal.

Be the owner of a Siamese cat it's a real honor, you enjoy a kind of protective aura emanating from delicately penetrating blue eyes that have no equal.

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