Funds for the municipalities of Southern Italy: the call

Funds for the municipalities of Southern Italy: the call

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A breath of fresh air has arrived for the administrations of Southern Italy: i municipalities in Southern Italy can count on the announcement"Municipalities for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency". The call was created to fund, without a grant, the works to improve the energy management of the municipal area. Let's see what these consist ofEuropean funds for the municipalities of southern Italy.

The announcement was launched from Ministry of Economic Development in the context of Division VII which it provides Incentive programs also with European funding in the field of renewable energies, efficiency and energy saving and for the promotion of sustainable development.

THEEuropean funds for the municipalities of southern Italyare payable to finance all "Energy efficiency interventions as part of integrated sustainable urban development actions”, But let's see in detail what the municipalities of the South have to do to be able to access non-repayable loans and what are the practical terms of the call.

The municipal administrations object of the announcement areCalabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily. The ceiling amounts to 50 million euros which will be assigned while stocks last. The request of the funds intended for municipalities in southern Italyit can be done starting from July 14th and until September 12th 2015.

The municipal administrations of the aforementioned regions may apply for non-repayable contributionsto finance interventions to improve the energy efficiency of municipal buildings (schools, town halls, libraries ...) and for the production of energy from renewable sources in public buildings.

In detail, the CallMunicipalities for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency(CSE Notice 2015), finances interventions to be carried out through the acquisition through the electronic procedures of the Electronic MarketPublic Administration (MePA). The eligible interventions are:

  • photovoltaic system connected to the grid
  • solar thermal system for the production of domestic hot water for schools or gyms and related sports activities
  • solar thermal system for offices
  • heat pump system for air conditioning
  • relamping interventions (to modernize and make public lighting more efficient)

The form of financing is agrantwhich covers up to 100% of eligible costs. Before proceeding with the request for funds, the administration will have to make sure of an energy diagnosis of the building object of the intervention.

What the municipalities of Southern Italy must do to access the funds

MePA-enabled municipal administrations will be able to access the procedures for purchasing under the tenderRenewable Sources and Energy Efficiency "of the Electronic Market with specific "POI - Enrgia CSE 2015" products listed in the POI products table. Purchases can only be activated with one R.request of ORfferta (RdO).

The request for an offer will be followed by a provisional award thanks to which the Municipalities will be able to submit an application for the granting of a contribution to cover up to 100% of the intervention costs. The application can be presented starting from July 14th and while stocks lastfunds.

Municipalities can ask for funds to finance multiple projects / interventions. Each intervention must request contributions of at least 40 thousand euros (excluding VAT). Each municipality may request non-repayable grants to finance various interventions but which overall cannot cover the threshold of 207 thousand euros (excluding VAT).

N.B .: Interventions on buildings that fall within the cultural heritage referred to in art. 10 of Legislative Decree 22 January 2004.

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