Wood surface treatment

Wood surface treatment

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The natural elements in wood are always spreading for home furnishings, we are talking about natural parquet, shelves, raw wood surfaces, design accessories ... However, keeping wood in good condition is not easy; it can become opaque, it can crack ... in short, it can be ruined!

To make wooden surfaces shine, we must necessarily resort to chemicals, there are several home tricks, as effective as they are cheap, able to ensure the same result. In this regard, we will show you how to make wood shine in a simple and economical way.

Wood surface treatment with almond oil

The benefits of almond oil are not limited to personal care; it is also very effective in making some materials shine, such as wood. In fact, it can repair detached or cracked wood and give it a lasting shine, ensuring protection that can last up to 5 days.
It is particularly suitable for surfaces that are not too large, such as tables, chairs and medium-sized furniture.
Preparation of almond oil based wood polish

  • Ingredients

25 ml of cold water
25 ml of almond oil
A dry cotton rag

  • Preparation

Pour the two ingredients into a bowl and mix. At this point it will be sufficient to dip the cotton rag in it and clean the wooden surface that interests you to restore the brilliance. Moisten the cloth and rub it on the wood, allowing it to air dry.

Treatment of wooden surfaces with vinegar
To clean difficult wooden surfaces such as floors, old furniture or stair balustrades that have deteriorated over time, prepare a natural vinegar-based compound at home.

  • Ingredients

500 ml of water
100 ml of white wine vinegar
A cotton rag

  • Preparation

Mix the water with the vinegar in a container and dip the cotton rag into it. Then pass the rag on the wooden surface to be cleaned.

How to clean wooden floors

  • Ingredients

1 liter of warm water
200 ml of white wine vinegar
40 drops of tea tree essential oil

PLEASE NOTE: tea tree essential oil, available in herbalist's shops or in any shop that deals with natural products, is ideal for cleaning any surface damaged by the passage of time, as it allows you to wash, treat and restore shine to surfaces.

  • Preparation

Slightly heat the water, add the white wine vinegar, the drops of tea tree essential oil and mix everything
To clean wooden floors, just moisten a cloth in the compound and rub the entire floor by hand. Alternatively, you can pass the mop over the entire surface. After a few minutes, the cleaned part will have a brighter appearance and a very pleasant smell.

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