Vaccinations for cats: compulsory and not compulsory

Vaccinations for cats: compulsory and not compulsory

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Vaccinations for cats: protect them from infectious diseases. As? No magic, the vaccinations for cats they stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies, which are responsible for defending our cat in case of aggression by pathogenic microorganisms. The vaccinations for cats they are for healthy cats, before having them you must visit them: otherwise vaccination stress could worsen their conditions.

There are vaccinations for cats compulsory and only recommended, but they concern indoor and outdoor cats, wandering cats and “armchair” cats. Viruses and diseases also knock on our doors, even if they are armored and sterilized, and the vaccinations for cats they immediately take steps to discourage them.

Vaccinations for cats: timing

In the first weeks of life it is not necessary to rush to do the vaccinations for cats: Young cats are protected from disease by breast milk rich in antibodies. The first useful date of the various vaccinations for cats it is around 2-3 months, then the calls arrive after 2 or 4 weeks which then become very often annual.

In any case, the veterinarian should always be consulted for a thorough examination before doing it vaccinations for cats, so that it checks the state of health and the possible presence of other diseases (we cross our fingers, but we do not play ostriches). He evaluates the environment in which the cat lives, the age, the possible antibiotic therapies in progress or too recent to proceed and, finally, the most common diseases in that area.

With this picture, he can suggest vaccinations for cats additional, not mandatory. Not clinically, but if you own real cats, yes, it becomes a must. The cat, after the visit, will have its beautiful health card with reported the vaccinations for cats to which he was subjected, the dates for the recall, the treatments performed and any surgical interventions. It is a bit of our cat's diary and it is good to always carry it with you when you travel. And ask if you buy or receive a cat as a gift.

Vaccinations for cats: mandatory

The vaccinations for cats mandatory are of two types: trivalent is pentavalent. The first is for domestic cats, the second for wanderers. The trivalent unites vaccinations for cats against the rhinotracheitis (herpes virus), la calicivirosis (virus goblets) and the viral gastroenteritis (panleukopenia). The pentavalent adds vaccinations for cats against the Chlamydiosis and the Feline Leukemia.

Compulsory vaccinations for cats: what they protect from

Let's see what diseases they are, those that so urgently and imperatively require vaccinations for cats, starting from three in the trivalent. Viral gastroenteritis, also known as panleukopenia, is an acute, severe and highly contagious disease caused by the feline parvovirus. It affects all the tissues of the body, especially those in the digestive tract, as symptoms it has vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, severe breakdown and death.

The other two, the rhinotracheitis and the calicivirosis, are viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, linked respectively to herpesvirus and calicivirus, very contagious for cats, not at all for humans. The infection occurs through saliva, feces and secretions produced by the eyes and nose, the symptoms are sneezing, runny nose, eye infection and a tendency to cough.

The two vaccinations for cats which we find only in the pentavalent, from cats that roam a lot outdoors, are against the Feline Leukemia and the Chlamydiosis. The first, FelV, is linked to a retrovirus and is transmitted through saliva or nasal secretions, can be lethal and causes a kind of cancer of blood cells called lymphocytes (a type of leukemia). There Chlamydiosis instead it is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium Clamydia felis, is transmitted through nasal secretions and causes conjunctivitis, rhinitis, mouth ulcers, sneezing and coughing, in some cases fever and lung problems.

Vaccinations for cats: rabies

Between vaccinations for cats the one against the anger it is not mandatory in Italy, except in Sardinia, but if you want to travel to Europe you must have your cat do it because all the countries of the European Union require it. Anti-rabies is also among the vaccinations for cats required for feline displays.

Others vaccinations for cats which are not mandatory but which we may be asked to provide are the one against Coronavirus, responsible for enteritis, or the one against the feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). In this last case it is a recent vaccination and discussions on the real benefits are still ongoing. Unfortunately, at the moment, for some very dangerous diseases there are not yet vaccinations for cats, as for thefeline immunodeficiency (IVF).

Vaccinations for cats: how to proceed

Before understanding how to move, always consulting a veterinarian, for the vaccinations for cats it is good to know that there is a small percentage of cats "non-responders" to vaccines and there are gods viral strains from the same family for which the cat was vaccinated, but with a modified genome, which can lead to unpredictable inconveniences.

The solutions of vaccinations for cats most common among which we often find ourselves choosing, together with an expert, are four. The simple one trivalent, especially for cats that are mostly in the apartment: of vaccinations for cats it is also called RCP from the three diseases it faces: viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirosis and panleucopenia.

Then there is the FeLV that covers from the feline viral leukemia virus and the trivalent + FeLV combination, called tetravalent. Finally among the vaccinations for cats the most popular is the one already mentioned pentavalent (trivalent + FeLV + Chlamydia), defined for wandering and independent cats, but which ones aren't? How do you know that an adventurous and vagrant soul hides the cat lounging on the sofa?

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