DIY Rose Water, instructions

DIY Rose Water, instructions

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When you have learned how to make rose water at home you will no longer be able to do without it. To prepare theDIY rose waterchoose fragrant varieties (for further information: varieties of roses), perhaps grown in your garden!

Let's continue step by step: what is rose water and what is it for?
Rose water is an ancient natural remedy, it consists of a sort of infusion of rose petals and is used for natural skin care. What are the most common uses of rose water?

  • It is used as an astringent for the skin.
  • It is used in the kitchen and to flavor salads and drinks.
  • To perfume the linen.
  • It is used as a natural remedy for acne.
  • As a starting point for homemade make-up.
  • As a starting point for DIY moisturizers.
  • To prepare homemade shampoo.
  • It can be used as a base for DIY perfumes.

DIY rose water

Online you can find many variations of the rose water recipe. Some bloggers simply suggest pouring hot water on rose petals, while others suggest using steam distillation to extract the essence of roses. Since infusing the rose petals did not give the results I hoped for, to develop the recipe forDIY rose water to be reported in this article I decided to try steam extraction and I am very satisfied with the essence obtained.

What do you need to prepare therose water?

  • Ice, lots of cubes
  • High pot
  • Untreated scented rose petals (I used damask roses)
  • Terrine in glass or ceramic 1/3 of the high pot
  • A shallow bowl with a diameter smaller than the pot (it must fit into the pot and leave at least 3cm of space around it
  • A steel lid to be used upside down, preferably without handles.
  • Distilled water.

DIY rose water, method

  1. Place the bowl inside the pot, centering it approximately. Weight the bowl by filling it with water (or previously sterilized stones).
  2. Place the fragrant rose petals in the remaining space of the pot. Cover them with distilled water, taking care not to reach the level of the water present in the bowl.
  3. Place the shallow bowl on the bowl.
  4. Bring the water to a boil and lower the heat to low: the distilled water that covers the petals should just boil.
  5. Place the lid upside down over the pot (if the lid has a handle, make sure it doesn't touch the bowl below).
  6. In the lid, pour some cold water and some ice cubes.
  7. Continue this process until the distilled water has almost completely evaporated. This means that as the ice melts, you have to replace the water by inserting new solid cubes.
  8. What happens: the distilled water that wets the petals evaporates and when you touch the cold lid it condenses and creates a rain that will fall into the bowl below. It will be the water you find in the bowl that will contain theessence of rose (extract + essential oils).
  9. Turn off the stove. Let cool without removing the lid. Transfer the liquid to a bottle and keep yourshomemade rose water.

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