How to unclog the sink

How to unclog the sink: instructions for unclogging the sink and toilet drain pipes.

We explain why you should avoid using artificial drainage agents or, if you really want to solve the problem of the plumbing in the bathroom, we provide you with valid alternatives. In the case of a sink clogged with hair or other organic residues, the drain cleaners can be effective but harmful to health, the environment and the aesthetics of the sink. Here are all the details and remedies to unblock a clogged pipe.

Disgorgers to unclog pipes

Drain agents are very effective forunclogging sinks, drains and other clogged pipes, however, are extremely harmful to human health and the environment. THE disgorganti consist mainly ofsodium hydroxide which can represent 90% of the product. Pouring caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) down the pipes is not exactly the wisest choice for your health or that of the environment.

To begin with, it is a very dangerous product, to be used only if strictly necessary and only when there are no children around. The use of a mask and suitable gloves is recommended for use. Are we exaggerating? No. Caustic soda in contact with water produces hydrogen which rises up the sink, releasing itself into the atmosphere of the house, and also develops a huge amount of heat. Sodium hydroxide can cause burns to the skin and mucous membranes. If only a drop of dewatering liquid gets on your skin, immediately proceed with prolonged washing with warm water.

Not all drain cleaners for toilets and for pipes they are equally toxic because they vary greatly according to the concentration of caustic soda present in the product.

Warnings for use

When using caustic soda based liquid drainers forunclog the sinkor the toilet drain, be extremely careful to "center the hole" of the drain pipe: if necessary, help yourself with a suitable funnel! Is plastic okay? Yes, a plastic funnel will be perfect. If the product is pure, however, the funnel could deform due to the heat released.

If the caustic soda ends up on the metal parts of the same sink drain, it will eventually corrode them and remove the lacquer (the outer part of the tube may become opaque or completely lose its surface finish). During use, wearing masks will prevent you from inhaling the fumes that come up from the pipes.

After pouring the amount of drainage agent (liquid hydraulic type) shown in the manufacturer's instructions, wait at least 10 minutes before reopening the water. The caustic soda "dissolves" any organic residue releasing theplumbing from obstructions various and eliminating any bad smells.

In the article dedicated tobad smells from the sinkwe have described alternative methods for unclog the pipes of the washbasin. Fortunately, there are much more ecological and less extreme alternatives to the disgorging products on the market.

How to unclog the sink with mechanical methods

For clear the clogged pipes it is possible to use the classic mechanical method which involves the aid of the "rubber gimlet" that is the old friendsucker! Self the obstruction it is tenacious, you can do what a plumber would do, which is to use the metal spiral. Who wants to cater forunclog the sinkby chemical means, he can try some home remedies with low environmental impact and far cheaper than caustic soda-based disgorging products.

Natural do-it-yourself detangler

In case of slight obstructions (if the water runs down slowly), it is possible to unclog the sink by pouring 5 level spoons of coarse salt, 5 level spoons of sodium bicarbonate and 2 liters of boiling water (brought to 100 ° C) into the basin drain. C on the stove). You will have to wait 15 minutes before you can reopen the tap. Two glasses of boiling vinegar and a tablespoon of salt can also be helpful for unclog the sink.

How to unclog the sink with the DIY drain cleaner

If your sink is very clogged and you cannot do without an aggressive product, you can self-produce a home-made drain cleaner that is less toxic because it is better dosed.

Buy Caustic Soda flakes (1 kg on Amazon is about 8 euros with shipping included in the price).

Prepare a mixture of boiling water, vinegar and soda, adding only one tablespoon of caustic soda per liter. This composition will be more than effective to unclog the sink but ... be careful to handle the soda with the right caution and respecting the rules and instructions on the label.

Unclog the sink with the hydraulic probe

As stated, a good plumber to unclog the sink does not drop a caustic soda-based drain cleaner into it ... but uses a hydraulic probe. How to unclog the sink and eliminate bad smells? Insert the metal probe inside the clogged drain. If the occlusion is very far away and is located distal from the siphon, you will have to lower a lot of metal wire.

The most effective flexible probes are the spiral ones which allow movement by means of a special knob on the back. Spiral metal probes are very useful for both internal obstructions and external sump obstructions.

A spiral probe can be bought from the hardware store near your home or by taking advantage of the online purchase. Among the various products on the web, we point out the "plunger with spiral probe", offered on Amazon at a price of 17.91 euros with free shipping.

Various tips on home hygiene and do-it-yourself cleaning

The clogged pipes aren't they the only problem with your taps? If the excessive hardness of the water causes strong limescale deposits, you can play prevention: the bathroom and kitchen taps will be brighter and less prone to limescale incrustations if you pass a rag soaked in vaseline over them every now and then.

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