Domestic water purifiers maintenance

Domestic water purifiers maintenance

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We are by far the people who consume the most bottled mineral water in the world; the fault of the cliché that tap water hurts and is not properly controlled. The water that arrives in our homes through the aqueduct undergoes cyclical checks however it could be a good idea to use a domestic purification system: when we open the tap, sediments and residues can in fact appear in the pipes ... in practice, the water that comes out of the tap is in the same condition in which it started.

This does not mean that the water is not drinkable; it is just that during the journey, it has dragged a number of minerals or inorganic substances with it due to the wear of the water network and pumping operations. Once the domestic water purification system has been purchased and installed, we must ensure that it is always efficient. In order for the domestic water purifiers to function properly, regardless of the model that has been chosen, it is advisable to carry out cyclical maintenance of the components.

Today, we pay close attention to what we eat, to maintain good health. Yet it is surprising to observe how this attention is not equally considered towards what you drink, and specifically, towards water.

Domestic water purifiers maintenance
Maintenance is a simple operation, which does not necessarily require the intervention of an expert technician; in any case, you can ask for assistance from whoever installed the system.
Why is it necessary to carry out periodic maintenance of the water purification system?
This operation always guarantees a constant quality of the water you are going to drink and a longer life and efficiency of your purification system.

  • The water softeners

Always check the state of the water; if it is no longer sweet enough it may depend on the quality of the salt used, but also on any malfunctions of the components of the appliance in question.
Even the wear of the resin can cause poor water softening. Consider that the resins last about 10/15 years, after this period, it is good to replace them.

  • The ionizers

Periodically clean the electrolytic cell with a citric acid solution approximately every 4/6 months, based on the hardness of the water. Replace the filter at least once a year.
Consider that with the daily use of the ionizer, the device will not have time to "get dirty" with the water that could stagnate inside. In case of non-daily use, before using the water, you will have to run it for a few minutes in order to "clean" any accumulated residues.

  • Reverse osmosis system

Also in this case it is advisable to carry out periodic maintenance which consists of replacing the filters once a year even though many modern systems, to comply with the law, should have a self-disinfection system for the active components.

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