Mixed breed dogs

Mixed breed dogs

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Mixed breed dogs, or fancy dogs or even mongrels. They have many names and many faces, many characters and many stories. THE mixed dogs they are the result of crossbreeding of different dog breeds or, in turn, of others mixed dogs. The category thus called, therefore, is absolutely heterogeneous and difficult to photograph, but it is also the most widespread. This is why we are pulling the strings of the richest and weirdest canine variety, of which there is not one standard and, just to give an idea, from the same couple, they can be born mixed dogs different. Here I will try to characterize it and tell it by avoiding the clichés that chase the mixed dogs. At any intersection.

Mixed-breed dogs: physical appearance

There is no size or color for the mixed dogs, everything is admitted even if, informally, it can be said that in their inhomogeneity i mixed dogs they are almost all of type lupoid or hound-wolf and fall into the medium-large or medium-small size range.

From the point of view of the mantle, they are able to show a very wide range of colors and types, just look away to find a new shade, a possible combination made up of combinations of two or even 4 colors. Also there hair length creates its variants creating an infinite universe of mixed dogs.

I challenge you to find one equal to the other. However, there are some points in common that make it mongrel dogs a category. They are commonalities that are based on their diversity. First of all they do not resemble or very little to any race, they have the fifth finger, or spur, which in many races has been eliminated, and the tail appears arched or carried curled on the rump. No thick or thin tail as opposed to what other purer dogs show.

Mixed-breed dogs: character

Like the appearance, the character is also very varied. And unpredictable, even if it usually doesn't take long to figure out what type our specimen is: restless or meek, armchair or extreme jogging. It is often important and meaningful to capture signals by observing how i mixed dogs they behave with siblings or mother, with strangers, too, to assess what degree of distrust they will have in the future with the human race.

There are mixed dogs they adore and are adored by children, others more suited to hunting or to defend the house and land. As with all races, but even more so with the so unpredictable mixed dogs, the character is shaped a lot even in the first periods of coexistence with the owner. L'education imparted completes and shapes the conduct of life of these dogs which, unlike the purebred ones, have almost never been selected for having certain aptitudes and character propensities.

With i mixed dogs no commitment is made to ensure that they have a disposition suitable for hunting, or to be a quiet companion dog, it happens a bit what happens and the rest is educated, corrected. Among other things, usually i mixed dogs they are meek and affectionate, also receptive, so the business is not the most difficult.

Mixed-breed dogs: health and morphology

THE mixed dogs, they are said to be more immune to disease as well as more calm, intelligent and affectionate. It is a bit of an exaggeration, and then, as we have said, it depends a lot from dog to dog in the category of mixed dogsThere is a grain of truth, however, and it also has explanations. Is called hybrid vigor, a phenomenon by which we mean the absence of that genetic weakening that often occurs in purebred dogs, due to the continuous selection, sometimes exasperated.

This hybrid vigor doesn't make ours mixed dogs of super dogs, like everyone else, they will fall ill with various skin diseases, infectious ones, they will be prey to parasites and victims of those common problems that occur when mixed dogs, or not, they are of a certain age.

It is not mathematical, all this, it is reasonably, is a shareable consideration, taking into account that some breeds then suffer from specific pathologies, but then on average, the probability of finding a sick or healthy dog ​​does not vary much. Instead, what can be said in favor of mixed dogs is that dysfunctions in some way related to are less frequent among them extreme morphological characters.

For example it is very difficult to find mixed dogs giant-sized, dwarf mutations, crushed snouts, very long ears, wrinkles to clean with boredom or a completely white coat. Consequently, diseases that afflict dogs of certain breeds are less likely and that result from extreme morphological characteristics: for example the deafness, predisposition to dermatitis, motor and breathing difficulties.

To talk about the health of mixed dogs and to get them labeled as healthier, there is also natural selection and a reasoning that sees them as "dogs object". But we don't live in the world of fairy tales and it's good to talk about it. THE mixed dogs, often without economic value, they face a natural selection much tougher than purebred ones who, cared for and revered, are often grown in cotton wool.

THE mixed dogs they have to face it frequently weaning without any measure that tends to give them a better chance of survival, so the weakest die within a few days of birth. It even happens, unfortunately, that mixed dogs very healthy are suppressed in the first days of life by the same owners who do not know where to place them.

The puppies of mixed dogs who therefore overcome natural selection are a bit like the winners of a tough reality show, they are mixed dogs very strong and are likely to be in good health until old age. "They have already been through them all." There is an "unless" to report, however: unless, precisely because they do not have a commercial value, do not abandon them. It is a cruel practice but one that can be seen in everyday life, especially in the summer season, and which increases the phenomenon of stray dogs and the overcrowding of kennels.

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