Spelled salad, a fresh and nutritious dish

L'spelled salad it is a fresh, nutritious dish that will satisfy you for a long time. With the arrival of heat, it is good to prefer cold dishes, in line with the philosophy of macrobiotic cuisine and with the needs of our body. L'spelled saladit is also the perfect dish for lunch on the beach.

In the articlehow to cook spelledwe have explained to you different cooking methods by pointing out two recipes (spelled salad with porcini mushrooms and the most winter dish, spelled with stracchino and radicchio). Thespelledit is a very interesting cereal: it provides calcium, proteins, micronutrients and… it is low in fat so it can also be used in low-calorie diets.

L'spelled saladit can be prepared with hulled spelled and pearl spelled. The hulled spelled preserves the external skin of the grain, therefore, after cooking it needs to remain soaked for at least 12 hours.

The pearl spelled it cooks faster and is more suitable for the preparation of summer dishes. For the recipe ofspelled salad it is possible to use the most favorite ingredients on the palate of those who will have to consume it ... there are many foods that go well with spelled! From tuna to spinach leaves! Here are the combinations that we recommend to prepare thespelled salad.

Ingredients for 2 people

  • 150 grams of pearl spelled
  • 125 grams of peas, preferably steamed
  • 10 grams of fresh (or re-hydrated) chives
  • 100 grams of organically grown datterini tomatoes
  • 70 grams of mozzarella
  • Extra virgin olive oil as required
  • Salt as needed
  • Lemon, to garnish and possibly to flavor the dish

How to preparespelled salad

  1. Boil the spelled in abundant salted water for at least 40 minutes. Stir often to prevent the spelled from sticking.
    Drain it al dente, after 15 minutes of cooking and let it cool to room temperature.
  2. The spelled must be mixed with the other ingredients only when it is very cold.
  3. In a bowl, prepare the other ingredients:
    - cut the cherry tomatoes
    -Cut the well-drained fior di latte
    - chop the chives and add the steamed peas previously
  4. Mix all the ingredients and season with a drizzle of oil.

If thespelled saladit must be consumed at the moment, also add the salt, otherwise wait: the salt can undermine the correct conservation of the tomatoes. Add salt just before consuming. Mix well before serving the dish which can be accompanied by a slice of lemon.

A variant notVegan(and not even low-calorie!) includes the addition of shrimp, mayonnaise and hard-boiled eggs.

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