Dwarf beagle: character and price

Dwarf beagle: character and price

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The dwarf beagle it is a size, no longer standard or widespread, of beagle. The race is always the same and belongs to the category of hunting dogs. The dwarf beagle it is dwarf, otherwise it is considered of medium size, it is of English origin and even if originally it was used a lot, in any size, to hunt rabbits, pheasants, foxes and hares, today it is often hunting for company and cuddles. In our apartments.

Often the dwarf beagle it is used for experimentation, as a laboratory animal, because it has a cardio-circulatory system very similar to the human one, in general it is "sought after" for its qualities of hound, great sniffer and with quick click ready. It is a dog, the dwarf beagle, officially for work, not only by definition, because this breed also in competitions, must compete in real "work" tests.

Dwarf beagle: appearance

The dwarf beagle and not, it is a robust dog, with a harmonious and elegant physique. The head is rather small compared to the body and in the female it is more so, the muzzle is not blunt and the lips must be very drooping while the nose, black, also admits shades, depending on the coat. The hair of the dwarf beagle it is short, dense and waterproof, it can show any color except liver color.

Another chromatic rule of dwarf beagle it is that of the tip of the tail which must be white, in the meantime the tail must be robust and never curled towards the back. The ears of the dwarf beagle they are long up to touch his nose, rounded, large and hazel or dark brown eyes show one sweet but sly expression.

Dwarf beagle: history and origins

The Dwarf beagle he is about 18-25 cm tall, compared to the 33 of his medium-sized colleague. This "mini" dog format is also called beagle Elizabeth in honor of Queen Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603) daughter of Henry VIII who adored it. And it made him quite famous. She initially inherited a full moult of dwarf beagle, between 18 and 26 cm: various specimens all selected ad hoc by the British themselves who thus created a dwarf beagle and also with a crystalline tone of voice so as to deserve the nickname of "Singing".

Other appellations of the dwarf beagle over time they have been “Rabbit beagle"(Beagle from rabbit), "Pocket-beagle" (Pocket Beagle), "Glove beagle" (Glove Beagle). Today the dwarf beagle it is to be considered non-standard, in truth there have never been many and in general zero in Italy. They depopulated in their time in Great Britain in the late nineteenth century.

Thanks to its small size the dwarf beagle it was “very comfortable”, even to carry on hunting trips in saddle bags or in the basket carried by a mule. Its reduced size was also its condemnation because it made reproduction difficult and disappeared from circulation in the 19th century. There have been attempts to get the dwarf beagle at the beginning of the twentieth century but they failed ruinously.

Dwarf beagle: character

The dwarf beagle he is certainly no less cheerful, curious, intelligent than his average-sized peer. He is not aggressive at all, on the contrary, expansive to exaggeration, he questions everyone by letting them know that he is full of "joie de vivre". He barks a lot, often on the wave of emotion and agitation, not in a threatening manner.

Il is a very sweet dog dwarf beagle but he is not always easy to educate, he is distracted by smells, by stimuli, being a hunting dog, and he is a bit hasty but not stubborn. In truth, he is a bit stubborn dwarf beagle, but only when it comes to following his master to whom he becomes attached immediately and in a very physical, morbid way, to deserve the nickname of "Shadow dog".

Dwarf beagle: ideal master

The ideal host for a dwarf beagle and a child. This dog is perfect for families with offspring, in fact, because it is always available to play and never aggressive. It goes perfectly in an apartment, even for its modest size. It adapts without too much barking, despite the fact that it likes to do so, as long as you often take it for walks in the open air. On a leash he is not very rigorous and obedient: he smells and sees "things", he tends to make shots. For this the dwarf beagle it is not recommended for elderly or lazy people who want a quiet walking dog.

Dwarf beagle: price

The price average of a puppy's dwarf beagle, or normal, goes from 700 to 1000 euros, on average, then there are the expenses for food, accessories, games, grooming, veterinary and training lessons, if necessary. But with the dwarf beagle it is often used. For the price of this breed there are breeders who propose different figures for males and females, or make it a problem of color. There is no rule. It is important to always ask for all the necessary documents and certificates without trusting discounted prices.

If you want to choose the sex of the dog beyond the price, it is good to know, always speaking in stereotypes, that the females of the dwarf beagle they are sweeter, easier to train, and establish a stronger bond with their master. They are therefore more suitable for those who are "the first dog": they are not even quarrelsome and do not mark the territory. The males of dwarf beagle yes, and how they mark it, they are more stubborn and restless, they have a badly concealed dominant nature, therefore they are better for those who know how to impose themselves and for those who love to do and make them do a lot sport activity.

Dwarf beagle: famous specimens

Between dwarf beagle and beagle. The breed collects various VIPs between cinema and the world of entertainment if not literary. I mention only a few, known, that will make you smile immediately making you want to dwarf beagle to be adopted for life. Here is the first, the mythical Snoopy: it is a beagle even if in the Italian translation it is erroneously indicated as bracco. Other fictional beagles, but none of them are dwarf beagle, I would say, are the components of Beagle Boys (Beagle Boys) from Disney.

Others that you cannot fail to know are Bravo, the dog of'Inspector Gadget, the dwarf beagle Buckley from the film The Tenenbaums, and the Pokémon Smeargle which, rather than being, derives from a dwarf beagle. We cannot fail to mention among the beagles, the ship he brought Charles Darwin in the five-year journey from which his deductions on evolutionism began. Even there the dwarf beagle he was ideally at the side of man.

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