How to install Led lamps

A practical guide on how to install Led lampsat home and in the garden.Imagine replacing all the halogen bulbs in your home with LED lamps. This means that the next replacement you will have to do in at least 20 years! This is the estimated life of one LED bulb, not bad right? A properly installed LED lamp canto workas much as a dozen compact fluorescent lamps "low consumption ".

The longevity ofLed lampsis just one of the advantages, this technology is famous for its low power consumption in relation to the light intensity produced. An LED lamp consumes less than a tenth of the electricity required by an incandescent bulb.

Before you seehow to install LED lampsthroughout the house and in the garden, we make some clarifications on key concepts such as:

  • power expressed in Watts
  • light intensity expressed in Lumen
  • color temperature expressed in Kelvin

According to an estimate released by the,With the'installation of LED bulbsat home, 3 50-dollar bills, around 140 euros, will be saved on the annual energy balance. The following table is eloquent, given the same amount of light produced (expressed inLumen), an LED bulb consumes less than low consumption CFL lamps and has a longer life cycle.

How many lumens do you need?
Install LED lamps in the houseit means using less watts to produce the same light intensity. To avoid confusion, let's immediately say that lumens are related to power but they are not a primary reference point. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter (and energy-consuming) will be that light bulb. LED lamps with 1100 lumens they consume just 15 watts, almost 1/3 of the energy required by halogen lamps.

To understand how many lumens you need, use the table! What kind of bulbs do you have at home? In the preliminary phase of installation, when you go to unscrew each of the old bulbs, read the power on the edge and, based on the type of lamp, go back to the light intensity produced (lumens) using our table.

A practical example?
If you have an old 75 watt incandescent light bulb in your kitchen, you will need to replace it by installing oneLED lampfrom 15 watts and therefore from 1,100 lumens. If by unscrewing an incandescent light bulb, on the base of the bulb you read the power of 60 watts, you will be fine to replace it with an LED lamp of 800 lumens.

The color temperature - warm or cold light?
Another factor to check when purchasing theLED lampslies in the so-calledcolor temperatures: do you love warm lights or cold lights? To recreate the atmosphere produced by a candle, you should choose a 1500 kelvin LED bulb, while if you want a cool white light bulb you will have to aim for 4000 K. A light tending to blue will be over 5000 kelvin. Most LED lamps on the market are labeled aswarm white, with a color temperature of 2,700 K, just like the standard one of old incandescent bulbs.

How to install LED lamps in the house

This operation must be done in broad daylight because, to work safely, it will be necessary to interrupt the electrical panel (disconnect the meter!) During the disassembly and installation of the new LED lamps. To consult the prices and find out the cost of the LED lamps you want to install at home (and also for the purchase), the Amazon page dedicated to LED lamps is available.

First of all, remove the old bulbs and observe the base of the bulb, the one that must be screwed, in this area you can read data such as: watt, type of attack.

On a notepad, write down the number of bulbs needed in the house, the type of socket and the wattage of each of them.

Using the table above, find the amount of lumens needed based on the power of the old light bulbs (expressed in watts) to be replaced.

Buy the new LED lamps and just screw them into the spaces left by the old halogen bulbs.

How to install LED lamps in the garden

L'installation of LED lamps in the garden it can be more complex especially in the case of a partial or incomplete electrical system. For all information, please refer to the articleSolar LED spotlight.

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