Energy requalification of a house

Energy requalification of a house

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Thereenergy requalification of a housecan count on benefits granted through tax deductions or direct economic contributions.

Direct economic contributions are awarded in the context of theThermal Accountwhile the tax deductions were introduced with the Stability Law and are aimed at those who intend to invest inbuilding renovations.

Thereenergy requalification of a housestarts from three needs:

  • renovate the property
  • reduce the consumption of the building
  • increase living comfort

The energy classes of buildings range from A +, which ensures reduced consumption to the most energy-intensive class G. Average consumption is as indicated in the table. The table lacks Class A +, so for the sake of completeness, we report that the average consumption of a class A + building is less than 15 kWh / m2 per year.

To home refurbishing making use of the tax deductions made available by the Stability Law (set at 65% until the end of 2015 and which will drop to 50% for the year 2016), it will be necessary to certify the work ofenergy requalificationobtaining an energy certification of the building (certificate showing the class of belonging of the property) before the start of the works and a new energy certificate after the intervention.

Thereenergy requalificationof a househas excellent economic implications: an energy class F home has a primary energy requirement of 160 kWh per square meter, which means that to heat just one square meter the user will have to pay 12.74 euros. about 1274 euros per year.

Forenergy requalification of a housereference is made to a series of renovations aimed at improving the thermal performance of the building. To fully understand what we are talking about, we report an all-Italian practical example.

In Treviso, a 1983 house with cenergy certification certifying Class G, it has undergone renovations in order to improve its energy efficiency and living comfort: at the end of the renovations, the house was able to boast of the A + energy class.

Energetically retrain a house, with today's technologies, it is very economical if the expense is compared to a new construction. What are the renovations capable of transforming an energy class G house into a class A + home?

  • Construction of a thermal coat with building insulation work (1)
  • Replacement of fixtures (1)
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels (1)
  • Solar thermal installation (2)
  • Installation of more efficient heat pumps and heating systems (2)

The savings linked to energy requalification of a houseis tangible even in the short term, according to the data provided by theAeneas, “The replacement of the fixtures can cut consumption by 10%, to which a saving of 24% can be added by applying an external insulation system on the facade, or by 12% by isolating the roof: the intervention revalues ​​the property more than the costs incurred. And the savings can even exceed 50% if the global intervention (envelope and systems) is capable of also affecting summer air conditioning.

In the list above, the interventions marked with the numbercan benefit from the tax relief set at 65% by 2015, 50% for interventions carried out by the end of 2016 and which drop to 35% for 2017. For information:restructuring deductions.

The interventions marked with the numbercan benefit from theThermal Account, a real economic subsidy that reimburses (with two checks) a large part of the investment made.

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