Remedies to eliminate woodworms

Remedies to eliminate woodworms: all natural remedies to fight woodworms and eliminate woodworm holes.

The woodworm, better defined asAnobium punctatum,it is an insect of the order of beetles. It feeds on the pulp of wood by destroying cabinets, furniture and any wooden object it manages to invade. As an adult it reaches a length of half a centimeter but to cause the real damage to our furniture are the larvae that come out of the wood and leave those characteristic holes of about 2 millimeters.

How woodworm holes form

Yes, when we see a hole, the damage has already been done! Contrary to popular belief, the holes left bywoodwormsthey are outgoing and not incoming…. holes appear on the surface of the wood when the larvae are ready to flicker.

The same holes attract adults at the time of laying: the adult woodworms lay their eggs in the fluttering holes, from 20 to 60 eggs. The eggs, hatching, will give life to other woodworms which, to exit, will form other holes…!

Thelarvae of woodworms I'mxylophagous, that is, they feed on cellulose, hemicellulose and wood, organic substances present in the plant cell wall. The human being lacks lytic enzymes capable of digesting these substances, which is why we do not feed on wood! :)

When you notice theholeson the surface of the wood, the development ofwoodwormsit is already finished. The cabinet, at that point, will have empty galleries which, however, can lend themselves to hosting a new adult for laying eggs.

Sixholes left by woodwormsthey are very unsightly moleshome furniture, the same holes can be a real damage in nature, when they are left in the trunks of trees. The woodworm tunnels represent a major threat to the tree's health.

How to prevent the appearance of woodworms

Forto preventthe damage of woodworms, first you have to plug all the already existing holes and restore the furniture of the house. The conformation of the female ovipositor allows the eggs to be laid only in small areas: if your furniture is perfectly intact, the woodworm will not be able to damage it. The woody material sanded or treated with enamels, resins and paints is unassailable by this species. To avoid the formation ofwoodworm holes, sand and / or repaint your furniture.

Remedies to eliminate woodworms

Anoxic pest control is anatural remedysafe for humans, the environment and above all able to respect wood. The anoxic system does nothing but steal oxygen from the insects that will find themselves dying in a short time. There are many specialized companies that offer this system. As an alternative to treatment in the absence of oxygen, it is possible to take advantage of insecticides capable of eliminate woodworms. Let's see both in detailremedies to eliminate woodworms.

Do-it-yourself anoxic disinfestation

Who wants to try to operate the do-it-yourself anoxic disinfestation can do it but at the risk of its wooden complement! For small items you can wrap them in black bags (such as those of the garbage) completely sealed and without holes or vents.

Once the artifact is sealed in a black plastic bag, you will have to leave it in the sun for several days. Before carrying out this treatment, carefully evaluate the damage that the heat could cause to the wood. Similarly, again for small objects, you can try placing them in the freezer: extreme temperatures will kill larvae, pupae and adult individuals. Here, too, you will have to carefully evaluate any damage caused by the cold on your type of product.

Insecticides against woodworms

The use of generic insecticides is not recommended. It is better to choose a professional anti-woodworm treatment as it can affect both adults and pupae, respects the integrity of the wood and continues by carrying out a preventive action.

Remember that professional woodworms are Surgical medical devicestherefore, for use, all safety procedures must be observed in order to reduce contact between the anti-woodworm liquid and the skin. The market offers manywoodworm products professional, for the purchase you can contact a restorer, a specialized shop or take advantage of online sales.

On Amazon, a professional NON-toxic and safe woodworm ant for home use, is offered at a price of 8.98 euros. For all information, please visit the Amazon page: Novecento NOV7(it is effective against adult woodworms and larvae).

Why are common insecticides not suitable?
First of all because they cannot penetrate deeply into the wood, then because they are bad for your health. Generic chemical insecticides are absorbed by the wood and then slowly released into the domestic atmosphere, which means that the inhabitants of the house will breathe very low doses of toxic substances on a daily basis and for a long time. THE anti-woodworm treatments specific ones, however, remain in the wood and are designed to dissolve without causing damage to domestic health.

How to remove holes in wood

THEwoodworm holesthey can be easily capped using colored wax or wood filler. On the market it is possible to find waxes of every shade, so as not to have to perform a further painting. On the other hand, wood filler is available in more limited colors and for this reason it is almost always necessary to repaint the wood after plugging the woodworm holes.

How to remove woodworm holes from furniture?
Choose a wax stick with a shade compatible with that of the furniture to be repaired.

The application is very simple: just rub the wax stick until the hole has disappeared. A soft spatula can be used to remove excess wax. You can also use an old credit card so you can be sure not to damage the wood.

On the market there are wax sticks for any wood finish, white, off-white, straw yellow, cherry, mahogany, walnut, wenge, black, sapele, oak, pine, honey, ash, hazel ... When buying, be sure to choose the most suitable coloring.

There is a wide choice in specialist restoration shops. The choice is not lacking even on Amazon where we point out the cheapest product: a set of wax sticks offered at the price of 7.11 euros with free shipping costs.

For every information:Veleca wax sticks

Before application, the wax should be softened with a heat source.

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