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Cold extractor, selection guide

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A cold extractor is an appliance that allows us to produce fruit and vegetable juices at home. Usually, those who are oriented to the purchase of a cold extractor juice is undecided between this appliance and a centrifuge. In fact, cold extractors and centrifuges perform the same function even if with different methods and results.

A juice produced with cold extractor it is smoother and since production is slower, the juice produced is less prone to oxidation so it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. In contrast, the juice produced with a centrifuge, commonly calledcentrifuged, is less smooth and homogeneous and since production is faster, it is more subject to oxidation in contact with oxygen, so it should be consumed a few hours after its preparation.

According to some theories (attention! These are only theories without any scientific proof!) Supported by the manufacturers ofcold extractors, a juice produced with the extractor would be able to keep more micronutrients intact than a centrifuged. This theory is based on the principle that enzymes and active substances contained in fruits and vegetables candenatureand lose properties, at high temperatures. So are high temperatures reached in the centrifuge? No, simply the juice extraction process is faster and the centrifuges work up to 18 thousand rpm, the rapid actions generate thermal energy which, according to the manufacturers of cold extractors, would determine the inactivation of the beneficial substances contained in fruit. and vegetables.

Compared to centrifuges, the cold extractors they have the advantage of producing less perishable and more homogeneous juices. Another advantage is that they are more versatile, so they can be used for the production of almond milk, rice milk, soy milk ...
The new generation centrifuges (such as those withQuick Clean by Philips) clean faster than a cold extractor and generate less moisture than older generation centrifuges, however, a cold extractor remains more effective in producing juice, resulting in less vegetable waste. In other words, the juice extractors they can be more difficult to clean but more efficient at producing juice.

If you are undecided between buying a centrifuge and a cold juice extractor, I refer you to the articleCold Juice Extractors,on this page we will examine what they are the best cold juicers on the market, given priority to models with the best quality ratio at.

H.Koenig GSX12 Vertical juice extractor
Price: 97.63 euros, offered on Amazon with free shipping
Pros: The GSX12 model has 55 RPM (revolutions per minute) so you extract the juice slowly resulting in little vegetable waste. The very competitive price.
Cons: plastics become opaque in the dishwasher, the fibers of some vegetables (beets, radicchio ...) can get stuck in the outlet so these vegetables must be cut before entering the cold extractor.

Petra FG 20.07 Slow Juicer
Price: 84.99 euros, offered with free shipping by Amazon
Pros: the price, the silence and the 5-year warranty. Even the 80 revolutions per minute are worth it.
Cons: to make the extraction of juice from very watery fruit more efficient, this must be passed twice in the cold extractor.

HUrom HU-700 Juice Extractor New generation
Price: 578.49 euros with free shipping.
Pros: also works as a blender to avoid wasting fiber, easy to wash and whip. Very quiet. More compact and smaller than Philips and other cold juicers. 5 year guarantee. Only 40 revolutions per minute, enough to be called ajuice extractorprofessional.
Cons: the price, even if it is easy to clean, are still different components and for such a high price I would expect self-cleaning technology :)

What to do with centrifuge and cold extractor waste?

The waste from the centrifuge, as well as those from the cold extractor, can be used for the preparation of sweets (if it is fruit waste) and for the preparation of soups and omelettes (if it is vegetable waste).

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