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Chicken coop: guide to building or choosing a chicken coop ready to use, from sizing to the essential accessories to ensure the well-being of chickens and hens.

Thechicken coopis that structure that allows the breeding of poultry (chickens and hens) and can be small or very large: according to the size, achicken coopit can contain from 10 to 100 hens; in urban areas they have spreadchicken coopsmuch smaller, able to accommodate groups of 3-7 hens.

Usually you decide to start achicken coopfor the self-production of eggs, however, those who decide to raise chickens for the self-production of meat, will be able to slaughter the animals at home. On the contrary, if the meat produced is to be marketed, the animals must be slaughtered only and exclusively in authorized facilities.

If you are considering starting achicken coop to raise hens for egg production, you may find my section on laying hens useful:

  • First Appointment: hospitalization, feed, eggs
  • Second Appointment: temperature, production, free pasture
  • Third appointment: how to start a chicken farm

Chicken coop, ASL and neighborhood

How many chickens and hens can be raised without reporting to the ASL?
There are not a few users who ask themselves about the necessary permits to be able to raise hens and chickens in the backyard. Let's say right away that no special permissions are needed: if a farm or a farmhouse can set up abreeding of 15-20 laying hens (plus one or two roosters), according to the provisions ofASL, a citizen can raise up to a maximum of 10 hens for the self-production of eggs without having to make any reports.

However, it is necessary to respect a distance from the border with the neighbor. The distance to be respected with the neighboring houses must be at least 10 meters.

Who holds a chicken coop has the obligation to keep it in maximum hygiene, in fact, if proven problems of a hygienic nature arise, the neighbor may request the removal of the chicken coop.

The speech changes if thechicken coopin question will have to accommodate ducks (ducks, geese, swans ...) which are subject to controls with blood and feces samples for the prevention of avian flu.

How to build a chicken coop

Permits for the construction of a chicken coop are required only if this provides for the installation of permanent building components such as concrete flooring and masonry structures. To overcome this problem you can buychickenpre-built and raised from the ground (more hygienic) or create a chicken coop with recycled material, even if in this the maintenance work increases dramatically. All information on do-it-yourself is available in the articleHow to build a chicken coop.

Buy a ready-to-use chicken coop

THE chicken coopson the market are of various sizes and can satisfy the most disparate needs. To get an idea of ​​the prices and models available on the market, I refer you to the article dedicated to chicken shelters.

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