Sharpen the hedge trimmer, instructions

Sharpen the hedge trimmer, instructions

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How to sharpen the hedge trimmer: instructions forrotate the bladeof thehedge trimmerto always have clean cuts and perfect sharpness.

Like any other tool, thehedge trimmerrequires routine maintenance, first of all, thesharpeningof the blades. Routine maintenance of the hedge trimmer is indicated in the user manual accompanying the tool. Before continuing with thesharpening the hedge trimmer or with any other intervention by maintenance, you need to unplug the power cord of thehedge trimmeror the candle in the hedge trimmer with internal combustion engine.

For the optimal care of our garden it is essential that thehedge trimmergo to make clean cuts, without burrs and fraying that would not only cause aesthetic problems but could expose the hedge to greater health risks.

With the work ofsharpeningof the blades of thehedge trimmerit will be necessary to check the condition of the blades and their tightening on the support bar. Forsharpen the hedge trimmerit will be necessary to remove the blades from the support bar and fix them on a vice so that it can be sharpened accurately without hindrance.

With the work of sharpening the hedge trimmer it will be necessary to realign the edge of the blades eliminating any nicks, nicks and burrs.

How to remove the hedge trimmer blade

To disassemble the hedge trimmer blade so as to proceed with its sharpening, all you have to do is loosen and remove all the data that secure the blade to the cutter bar.

When you take thelamafromhedge trimmerlook at the support bar, if it is deformed it will be necessary to replace it with an original spare.

How to sharpen the hedge trimmer

  1. Remove the blade
    Disassemble the blade as described above and fix it in a vice to make your work easier.
  2. The file or the stone
    The sharpening angle is 45 °. L'sharpeningcan be done with a fine-grained flat file. As an alternative to files, theaffiatura stones. A whetstone can be used for finishing the wire.
  3. The movement of the file
    To sharpen the hedge trimmer with the file, it must be held at both ends with both hands. Pass the file smoothly in one way (the file must not be passed there and back, it must be lifted in return).
  4. Lightly grease the blades
    Finally, reassemble the blade taking care to ensure a perfect fixing to the cutting base. During assembly, lightly grease the blades with molybdenum disulfide or lithium grease.

To sharpen the hedge trimmer it is better to use manual files. To increase the life span of the blade itself, I do not recommend using a grinder, a sander or a bench grinding wheel which, with the high rotation speed, would remove too much material, and it would also risk overheating the blade causing various problems.

Those who have a water grinder can feel free to use this because this system does not risk damaging the blades.

Some models ofhedge trimmerthey do not have removable blades. Still others have tempered blades that cannot be sharpened. In this case, only the blades will be replaced. It would have been better to carry out these checks before choice of hedge trimmer, at the time of purchase.

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