The properties of Black Soap

The properties of Hammam Black Soap or Moroccan soap. How to use it for skin wellness, where to find it and what are the benefits it has on the skin of the face and body.

Thanks to hisproperty, theblack soaplends itself well to the care of all skin types, from oily to dry balls, certainly passing through mixed skin. There are two versions of black soap:

Black soap in paste

Highly concentrated, useful for household cleaning and for washing fabrics there is no lack of formulations ofblack soap paste for skin care. In general, the black soap paste is much more concentrated and includes property abrasive intrinsic molecules. Due to its physical and chemical properties, theblack soap pasteyou can use it asnatural exfoliant, to realizeDIY face scruband for the fight against blackheads.

Black soap liquid

It is a more delicate (more diluted) formulation often enriched with other ingredients, ideal for skin care, daily cleansing and body care.

In this article we will look at theproperties of black soapfor skin care but beware! Even though it is a product now used for personal care, nothing prevents us from using it to wash dishes or floors in a natural way.

African black soap or Moroccan soap, properties and benefits

Theblack soap, Also known asMoroccan soapor African black soap, is typical of the Hammam (in fact many call it their ownblack soap from the Hammam) where it is used in combination with an exfoliating glove.

In West Africa, the preparation ofblack hammam soapit is a traditional that has its roots in centuries and centuries of history. TheMoroccan soap, in its raw form, it has a very pasty consistency and is obtained from olive oil.

How to use this black soap?

Theblack soapis a natural source of antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin E. Used as a cleanser for the body, thehammam soapexfoliates by gently eliminating impurities and dead skin cells. The returned effect is a brighter complexion and healthier skin.

Black soap as a facial cleanser

Gently massage onto the wet face by making circular movements with your fingers. Rinse with warm water.

Black soap cas an exfoliant for the body

During the shower: wet the body. Close the water and apply the black soap on a natural sponge and massage on face and body. Open the water flow again and rinse with warm water.

Black soapas a natural anti-dandruff

Before or after shampooing, apply a small amount of black soap between your hands, rub and massage the wet scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

Black soap For a regenerating bath

Add two caps of black soap to the tub water to create a relaxing and regenerating bath for the skin.

Black soap for domestic cleaning

Although it is a product enriched with other natural ingredients, for home cleaning the product will have to be further diluted. Add one part of black soap to 4 parts of water (10 ml of black soap + 40 ml of warm water) to obtain a natural detergent for washing dishes, floors and white clothes.

For a more intense exfoliating effect, use Moroccan soap paste

Use the black soap pasteif you want an exfoliating effect for the body.

Liquid black soap, where to find it

On the market you can find theblack soapenriched with other ingredients to support the beneficial properties exerted on the skin o natural Moroccan black soap.

Our advice is to choose ablack soapas natural as possible: make sure that no artificial chemicals that are too aggressive for the skin are added to the black soap.

Among the natural products we point out theBlack soapfrom Dr. Woods' Shea Vision line. This product consists ofpure black soapand other natural ingredients such as:

  • Organic shea butter to improve skin elasticity
  • Botanical extracts and vitamin E to maintain the natural balance of the skin

Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients such as essential oils, sea salt and rosemary extracts, it is fragrant and exerts a tonic action. The result is aHammam soapnot perfectly liquid but thickā€¦. not as thick as the Moroccan soap paste but just enough to be effective and perfect for cleansing the face and body. It can perform all uses of theblack soappure but count on the delicacy of the added and moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter.

A one-liter bottle of the aforementioned product is offered on Amazon at a price of about 22 euros including shipping costs. For more information, please refer to the product link: Dr. Woods - Pure Black Soap.

Black soap paste, where to find it

As stated, the soap paste is much more concentrated because it ispure Hammam soapat 100%. This makes it less suitable for daily use but more useful for cleaning the skin.

For the body you can use it on a weekly basis, but with a spongy glove to be passed all over the body. As stated, it is rich in vitamin E and stimulates the production of collagen. I recommend that you use it away from waxing as, with depilatory waxing, the skin has already been exfoliated enough and needs more hydration than further treatment to remove dead cells.

Very useful for cleaning the face: focus on the T-zone. You can wash your face with black soap, three or four times a week (rub and insist on the areas rich in blackheads) for the first two weeks and then gradually decrease the use until reaching only one weekly treatment.

Where to buy it? Also in this case online buying and selling comes to our aid. On Amazon a pack ofMoroccan soap pasteis offered at the price of 11.90 euros for 250 gr. It is true, it is more expensive than the proposal seen previously but here it ispure Moroccan soap, without adding other ingredients. For all information, I refer you to the Amazon page dedicated to the product: Hammam Exfoliant.

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