Calendula in homeopathy

Calendula in homeopathy

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There calendula in homeopathy it is widely used for different formulations, from calendula oil cream, from mother tincture to infusions. Here are the properties and uses of calendula in homeopathy and for skin care.

The property of calendula in homeopathy

Thanks to his property, preparations based on calendula (calendula officinalis) are widespread in homeopathy. Extracts of calendula, in homeopathy, are found in natural preparations to reduce inflammation and promote the formation of tissue and the healing of minor wounds. Also for internal use, preparations based on calendula in homeopathy they are used for the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers and dysmenorrhea.

For external use, the extracts of marigoldthey are used for the composition of vaginal creams against itching, for the formulation of ointments against skin inflammation, to counteract the onset of stretch marks and assist in the healing of minor wounds, bruises, blisters and skin rashes. Due to the lack of irritative sesquiterpene lactones, allergic reactions and side effects are relatively rare.

There calendula in homeopathyit can be administered in the form of infusions, aqueous extracts, tinctures, extracts and ointments.

In folk medicine, the marigold it is considered an excellent natural remedy for its diuretic, antispasmodic properties ... For its emmenegogical effects (it stimulates the blood supply in the pelvic area and uterus), marigold it is widely used for the preparation of vaginal creams and for internal use it is recommended to promote menstrual flow. In homeopathy, themarigoldit is used to assist in pharmacological treatments administered in case of liver disorders.

Calendula oil for skin care

L'calendula oil, thanks to the properties of thecalendula officinalis, softens the skin in a natural way and protects the hydrolipidic mantle, making the skin healthy and smooth. L'calendula oilrespects and promotes the physiological functions of the skin thanks to the precious flower extracts.

Products based on are not uncommon marigoldthat can be found on the market. Among the various we recommend those of the Weleda line that are 100% natural and enriched with other ingredients that potentially enhance the beneficial properties ofmarigold.

Weleda calendula oil sees the addition of sunflower oil which gives the calendula oil a perfect viscosity which makes it ideal for massages to nourish and protect the skin.

In addition to the extracts of calendula flowers, the oil also contains extracts of birch leaves. L'calendula oilmanages to rebalance the functions of the skin restoring elasticity and softness. It is a perfect natural product to use asafter showeror to do massages. From the transparency of the ingredients it is possible to deduce a natural product made without the addition of artificial fragrances, preservatives or dyes. The product, in addition to having a certificationNatrue is a vegan cosmetic.

Three bottles of calendula oil for massage, 100 ml each, can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 19.21 with free shipping, the promotional cost of this offer is € 6.40 per bottle. For more information on the product, we refer you to the official page: Weleda Calendula Oil.

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