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Castile soap

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Castile soap: how to do it at home, where to buy it. Liquid or hard Castile soap, properties and uses of natural Castile soap.

The Castile soap it is accompanied by about 1000 years of history. Its origins are Spanish, at the time ofKingdom of Castile, when for its production oil was boiled with barilla, an alkaline ash obtained from the combustion of kali grass (Salsola kali). Today, making Castile soap at home it remains a long but also very rewarding process. There are several recipes for make Castile soap at home and at the end of the page we will indicate some of them.

Castile soap

Even today, for prepare DIY Castile soap we start from the lye with ash and oil (to learn more: how to make soap at home). At one time, a brine of boiling liquid was used for purification which had the ability to raise the soap to the surface by separating the impurities from the lye. In the home, it is possible to use narrow mesh sieves as a simple kitchen rag.

TheCastile soapIt was probably the first hard white soap in history. Before this, Aleppo soap was widespread. Aleppo soap has always been characterized by a green color. It was originally produced from olive oil and laurel oil.

Due to its delicacy, theCastile soapit can be used for daily body and hair hygiene. From Castile soap it is possible to obtain artisanal shaving creams and it can be used in case of irritated skin or conditions such as atopic dermatitis.

Among the original ingredients ofCastile soapwe mentioned theBarilla, describing it as the alkaline ash of a plant variety widespread in Spain. At one time, the word Barilla indicated sodium carbonate produced from plant sources, not surprisingly it is a material with an alkaline pH.

The uses of Castile soap

Theuses of Castile soapthey are innumerable. TheCastile soapit can be used for house cleaning, skin care and personal hygiene.

By diluting a part of Liquid soap of Castile in three parts of water, you can get a ready-to-use shampoo. To use theCastile soapas a face scrub, you just need to combine this ingredient with a solution of water and bicarbonate, very useful for eliminating blackheads. To clean the floors, simply combine three tablespoons of liquid Castile soap with 5 liters of hot water.

Where to buy the Castile soap?

It is possible to purchase the Castile soap in shops specialized in natural products or through online sales. When buying, make sure you buy someCastile soap100% natural and possibly produced from olive oil and organic ingredients. Among the products on the market we point out the organic soap of Castile Naissance, this one liquid castile soap it was not produced according to the tradition of the Kingdom of Castile of a thousand years ago but uses only natural ingredients. Specifically, the ingredients are:water, potassium oleate, potassium cocoate, glycerin, potassium citrate and citric acid.

If citric acid can remind you of lemon juice, maybe the other ingredients don't sound very "natural" to you ... you are wrong: potassium oleate is nothing more than a derivative of sunflower oil, cocoate of potassium is an extract of coconut oil, excellent for moisturizing and nourishing the skin, finally, glycerin is of vegetable origin and forms the classic basis of most of the natural soaps on the market.

It does not contain parabens, fragrances or other artificial ingredients, hence the Castile soap as soon as it is reported it appears odorless and retains its original color and consistency.

For more information on the product (price, properties, uses ...) we refer you to the official Amazon page: Niassance Organic Soap. Thepriceof one liter bottle ofpure Castile soap(liquidisbiological)amounts to 17.99 euros with free shipping. The price drops slightly for the 500ml bottle.

To the liquid soap just described, just add a few drops of organic essential oil to obtain a Castile soap scented and personalized to your liking.

How to make Castile soap

The most daring and lovers ofdo-it-yourselfthey can try to make Castile soap at home following a recipe similar to the original described in the introduction. For complete instructions, I refer you to the guide article:

  • Castile soap, how to make it at home


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