English setter: character and price

English setter: character and price

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English setter, in English Setter, is a hunting dog, to be precise, but is now more popular as a companion and show dog. The name English Setter, and Setter in general, however, derives from his way of doing "at work".

In fact, when this dog goes hunting, it shows the predisposition to flex in proximity of the prey. From the English verb "To set" (to bet) here English setter, not to be confused by linking it to the verb “to sit”: it would not be offended, because it is a good dog, but it would be a little bad.

English setter: origin

You hear about the English setter since 1500, as an idea, as ancestors, used in hunting trips. Their skill in this field was what attracted the attention of the rich heir orphan Laverack. Adopted by a wealthy uncle from Manchester who had destined him to continue his business as an entrepreneur, as soon as his relative died, Laverack gave up everything and went to the countryside. To create the English setter that we know today.

In 1825 he took Ponto and Old Moll, pair of specimens ofEnglish setter, and with two others he started together with Purcell Llewellin, to make crossings upon crossings. Also because the breed was initially nervous. In 1865 the English setter began to gain popularity in England and abroad, for the first Italian specimen we are waiting for an exhibition of 1881 in Milan, for the first Italian breeding of English setters instead, we arrive at 1920.

English setter: appearance

Medium-sized dog English setter it is elegant and harmonious. It is unquestionably beautiful. At the withers the males measure 56-63 cm and the females a little less, the dieal weight is between 20 and 30 kg.

Among all its peers, it stands out for itselegance of shapes and movements that are free, agile, fast and very natural. Even when hunting. It is a very muscular dog, the English setter, but it does not weigh it, neither to those who hold it nor to those who look at it. In fact, his muscles are long and on a not too strong bone structure, so it is not too massive a physique.

The look of the English setter he is always sweet, attentive, lively, his eyes are large, bright and almost always colored dark hazelnut, but light hazelnut is also tolerated in subjects with a white-orange coat.

The cloak is another of the irresistible characteristics, in my opinion, of this beautiful dog. It is among the most varied and imaginative, it often has a series of shades which are unrepeatable, or almost. You have black and white tending to blue (blue belton); the white and orange (orange belton); the white and brown (liver belton) and even the Tricolor English Setter: white with dark spots and tan markings.

The lips they are very soft, like the whole muzzle, the skull is well proportioned and the ears they have a low set and should not be too long and are often cheerfully colored, like the rest of the coat.

English setter: character

From his gaze it is immediately clear: the English setter he is very sweet and mild, loves company and is indeed a splendid companion. His athletic side and its propensity for hunting, however, make it unsuitable for lazy people or hygienists, because it often comes back a little tanned from its outings. In the fur and paws, the remains of his adventures, not everyone likes.

The English setter he is instead a perfect dog for who he is active and sociable, for families with children, for those who loveopen air, better if also with a house with a garden. It fits in the apartment but is happier if it has a little lawn available. Even if for nothing in the world he would accept not to take walks. However, he is not a surly wanderer, the English setter he grows fond of his family and does not like to be alone for long.

English setter: price

The price of a puppy of English setter may vary on average from 400 to 600 euros. There are very high and very low peaks, it is a popular dog, desired and for many purposes, so it is best that, before negotiating the purchase, you understand if the English setter that you will have must go hunting, keep you company or parade and win aesthetics competitions.

The price then varies a lot, but the pedigree and the documents must always be regular, so it is better to get suspicious in front of advertisements, and if you find them, with a puppy for 25 euros ... English setter he is in good health but before taking one he better know his weak points: he has a propensity to congenital deafness and can suffer from autoimmune thyroiditis.

English setter: video

To see the English setter, be enchanted by its skillful elegance, here is this beautiful video. The power and at the same time the sense of kindness and harmony of this dog are magical. Watching it in action, then, you can't resist taking one. Indecision about the color, but perhaps the blue belton remains the top, for me.

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