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Soap of Antioch

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Soap of Antioch: history, uses and properties ofsoap of Antioch. Antioch soap compared to Syrian Aleppo soap and Moroccan black soap.

Let's start from the origins: theAntiochorAntiokheiait is an extensive Hellenistic geographical area of ​​the Near East. The term Antioch could indicate various cities of modern Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Iran or Turkey. Going back to the origins ofsoap of Antioch, the mother country would seem to be Turkey.

A few kilometers fromAleppo(in Syria) one of the finest manufactures survivessoapin the world, that ofsoap of Antioch. The origins of thesoap of Antiochthey are as far away as those ofAleppo soap: fossilized soap sticks have been found dating back to over 1,500 years ago.

TheAleppo soap is that ofAntioch they have a lot in common: not only the territory of origin but also the composition. Both soaps are made from a blend of olive and laurel oil.

Differences between Aleppo soap and sapone of Antioch

The difference lies not in the different percentage of composition, but in the water used. To do theAleppo soapTraditionally, water from the Aleppo spring is used, while for the production ofsoap of Antiochdistilled water is used. In addition, to produce thesoap of Antiochfirst pressing olive oil is used (virgin oil) and a percentage of laurel oil set at 35%.

TheAleppo soapuses olive oil (not necessarily virgin) and variable percentages of laurel oil, alone 3% up to and over 50% for the finest loaves.

The Black Hammam soap, for its production, uses only olive oil (not virgin).

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From a visual point of view, thesoap of Antiochit can be distinguished from that of Aleppo by a lighter color and by its finer grain. Thesoap of Antiochit is very popular because it can replace cleansing milk to care for the skin of the face. Soap of Antioch as well as Aleppo soap, they are indicated to counteract the appearance of blackheads.

Antioch Soap - Properties and Uses

Thesoap of Antiochhe is appreciated for hispropertyemollients, tonics and moisturizers. Its use is recommended for all skin types, it can be used for daily hygiene of the face, body, hair and even for intimate areas. If the moisturizing and emollient properties were to be associated with olive oil, others propertycounted among those ofsoap of Antiochthey are anti-inflammatory and disinfectant ones, but this time the proponent is the laurel.

Thesoap of Antiochit is particularly suitable for those with dry skin problems and excessively sensitive skin. The soap is also recommended in the presence of dermatological problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and allergies.

Among its uses, we also see it used as a make-up remover and tonic for the face. By rubbing the Antioch soap on the face, a soft foam will be produced that is able to hydrate and nourish the skin, restoring a soft and smooth surface.

It is ideal for preparing beauty face masks: just let the foam act for a few minutes and then rinse with thermal water. Tap water is not recommended, especially if it is calcareous. Its effectiveness as a beauty mask is linked to the properties of laurel: it is able to open the pores and stretch the skin allowing the moisturizing action of olive oil.

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How to make soap at home

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Please note
The soap of Antochiait is slightly basic, so it is not recommended to use it as a makeup remover in the eye area. It is not always an effective make-up remover when using make-upwaterproof(waterproof).

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