Neapolitan Mastiff: character and price

Neapolitan Mastiff: character and price

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Neapolitan Mastiff, a real “living monument” of dog lovers given the history behind and at the tail of this breed. The Neapolitan Mastiff is a canine colossus classified in the group of Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs, in the section molossoids.

It was initially called "Dog 'and taken", dialectal, "Italian Molosser"Or" mastiff dog "and only around the 1960s the Neapolitan Mastiff It was called Neapolitan Mastiff.

Neapolitan Mastiff: origins

Widespread in the southern countryside, the Neapolitan Mastiff it is undoubtedly a "made in Italy" and a "made in the South" specifically, a direct descendant of the big names Assyrian-Babylonian molossers, then spread into Roman civilization and from there throughout Europe.

One of its ancient names, "Cane 'e prese", was born during the Bourbon reign, when the Neapolitan Mastiff it was used as watchdog and during as a "soldier" against the Savoy army, but by brigands. At the beginning of the 1900s it was in danger of extinction but the breed then recovered and today can boast many fans, its rebirth took place especially in Neapolitan and Avellino countryside.

If we want to dig into history, the first evidence of the existence of a molosser like the Neapolitan Mastiff it is an Assyrian bas-relief from the 9th century BC but the first written records date back to the Roman era.

Neapolitan Mastiff: character

He is strong, physically but also of character, and is very loyal, the Neapolitan Mastiff which, despite its size, does not take advantage of it and is never unjustifiably aggressive. Sure, he stands up for property and people and has an attitude always alert, intelligent, noble and majestic. Which makes it an excellent one watchdog.

He really has a natural gift for this job, even if on the surface he seems a sly. The Neapolitan Mastiff He deceives with appearance, even for clumsiness: when there is a need to shoot, he clicks and is not at all lazy, moreover loves children and he always likes to play with it. A simple and intuitive precaution, however, is that being so big, care must still be taken so that it does not crush the little ones.

It is not a breed for everyone, because it must be educated and kept with a firm wrist, physically and otherwise, therefore the ideal owner of a Neapolitan Mastiff is a self-confident person who is ready to ensure intense socialization, training and firm driving.

Has a'dominant disposition, an imposing physique, it is necessary to stand up to him. If so, he is a splendid dog with a big heart, who binds himself to his master and his family and defends them by loving them. Another warning for those who want him as a friend, it is forbidden to be picky: he tends to spread food, drooling, snoring and having problems with flatulence.

Neapolitan Mastiff: farms in Italy

Among the best farms in Italy we gladly point out theFossombrone breeding,historic Italian kennel for sporting purposes, recognized by ENCI and FCI since 1977.

The Fossombrone breeding farm is also among those that have achieved the greatest recognition in the exhibition field (over 200 titles recognized by the International Cynological Federation!) And is characterized by the great passion and competence of its members.

Neapolitan Mastiff: cures

Because he is big, but also because he needs to move and is a bit hyperactive, but the Neapolitan Mastiff he needs a garden or a courtyard, he is not an apartment dog, even if he likes to stay at home with his family in well-heated rooms since he suffers from the cold.

Like dog's giant breed is subject to gastric torsion / dilation, as masters so it is important to limit the movement of the Neapolitan Mastiff after meals it would be better to defer in 3 or 4 daily "installments".

Another medical problem to look out for with a Neapolitan Mastiff as a four-legged friend is the release of the 'Third eyelid', known as Harder's Gland. on which the veterinarian can intervene with the repositioning or removal of the gland. Like many other Molossers, the Neapolitan Mastiff can also suffer from hip dysplasia and elbow, heart disease and skin diseases.

Neapolitan Mastiff: price

the cost of a puppy's Neapolitan Mastiff may vary from 600 to 1000 euros. Given the numerous and specific problems that I have just listed, nothing alarming, but it is good to contact a excellent breeding. It can be decisive, and it is still better to have all the information about the puppy's parents and their health in a transparent way.

Neapolitan Mastiff: appearance

Big is big, not only the Neapolitan Mastiff it is large and thick: the male goes from 65 to 75 cm at the withers and reaches up to 75 kg, the female a little less, and its 68 kg weighs them easily. He has a nice head, this dog, and the many catch the eye immediately wrinkles and folds of the skin that give him that sometimes funny and good-natured appearance, not always corresponding to his character.

He has a nice big nose, always big, with large and well opened nostrils, of variable color with the coat: black in the black subjects, dark in the other coats and brown in the mahogany coat. The muzzle for the rest is very broad and deep, with lips forming one Inverted "V".

The jaw is strong, so much so that with one bite it is able to break a bull's neck. Easy to believe by looking at him well, and looking him in the eye you understand why he is called ice-eyed dog". Well spaced and slightly sunken, the eyes of the Neapolitan Mastiff they vary in color with the hair but show blue spots in the iris.

The tail after the sturdy base becomes tapered, elegantly accompanying one very particular pace. Just typical of Neapolitan Mastiff. In walking he has slouching, slow and bear-like movements, while in the trot the Neapolitan Mastiff shows a strong push from the rear and a good reach from the front. It rarely gallops.

Neapolitan Mastiff: cloak

The mantle of the Neapolitan Mastiff it can be mainly dark gray, lead and black, sometimes brindle with dark fawn spots. Whatever color the fur is, it always shows a spot on the chest and between the toes, always white in color.

There should be no signs of fringe on the coat of the Neapolitan Mastiff which is vitreous, dense and uniformly smooth, fine and with a maximum length of 1.5 cm.

Neapolitan Mastiff: video

Returning to the pace of this dog, here is a video where to observe it and smile. But also see all the power and tenderness of this Neapolitan Mastiff, its size and the style with which it manages it, playing, obeying, resting, being pampered.

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