Social agriculture, new law

Social agriculture, new law

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Do you want to open an agri-asylum or an agri-nest? Committing to an educational farm? Do you have a 'social' and supportive idea of ​​agricultural work? Putting your projects into practice will be easier with the new law on the subject of social agriculture (141/15 of 18 August 2015) published in the Official Gazette on 8 September.

What changes compared to before? First, a precise definition of social agriculturerelying on the precise description of the activities falling within this area. So todaysocial agriculture is:

  • socio-working integration of disabled and disadvantaged workers, disadvantaged people and minors of working age included in social rehabilitation projects;
  • performance and therapeutic services also through the aid of animals and plant cultivation;
  • benefits and social and service activities for local communities through the use of material and intangible agricultural resources;
  • environmental and food education initiatives, safeguarding animal biodiversity, including through the organization of social farms and educational farms.

But the most important and positive thing is that the attention to the work that thousands of experiences carry out every day in the territories of all Italian regions changes, so far with little or no help. For multifunctional farms it is a great opportunity that can be exploited on several fronts.

For example, the synergy between economic objectives and social responsibility inherent in the new law of social agricultureallows public institutions that manage canteens in schools and hospitals to privilege agri-food products from social agriculture operators. Simply by inserting this requirement among the priority criteria for the assignment of tenders.

The fast track to all that is social agriculture it may also apply to the procedures for the sale and leasing of public agricultural land by local public bodies. The latter will also be free to entrust the operators of social agriculture real estate confiscated from organized crime. While the Municipalities can provide for specific measures to enhance the products coming fromsocial agriculture in trade on public areas.

The agricultural enterprise becomes a multifunctional, agricultural and social enterprise at the same time. Voted to the defense of the territory but also to the rehabilitation and inclusion of people. And the Regions, in the context of Rural Development Plans, can promote specific programs to promote multifunctionality. With particular regard to integrated territorial planning and the development ofsocial agriculture.

Who is responsible for monitoring the progress of things? For this purpose, the new law says, the Observatory of social agriculture. He will be appointed by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. Hopefully soon. We hope well.

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