Pumpkin seeds, a concentrate of well-being

Pumpkin seeds, a concentrate of well-being

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Pumpkin seeds: properties, nutritional values, calories, recipes and how to take them. How to make homemade pumpkin seeds and how to make toasted pumpkin seeds.

THE pumpkin seeds, characterized by a dark green color, enclosed by a yellowish skin are a concentrate of beneficial properties!

Pumpkin seeds, properties

They provide omega 3 essential fatty acids, fibers and particular antioxidants called carotenoids. Carotenoids are pigments produced by plants and are able to stimulate the immune system and with it our ability to defend ourselves against diseases. Carotenoids exert a series of beneficial actions for the health of our skin.

The phytosterols contained in pumpkin seeds they help lower blood cholesterol levels and strengthen the body's ability to fight cancer. Furthermore, they are rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc and selenium. They bring vitamin E and especially cucurbitin, a bioactive substance useful for our body.

THE pumpkin seeds they contain tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin, so it could prove effective against insomnia, anxiety states and depression.

Pumpkin and prostate seeds

Curcubitin has a protective action on the male and female urinary tract. In particular, in men, it would seem to carry out preventive actions against prostate problems.

Pumpkin seeds, calories

Who is attentive tocaloriestaken throughout the day, she knows that all seeds have high energy levels. The high caloric intake of the seeds is linked to the amount of fatty acids accumulated in the endosperm of the seed. The calories made with 100 grams of pumpkin seeds amount to 446 kcal.

Pumpkin seeds, recipes

No elaborate recipes are required! Pumpkin seeds are excellent to nibble as a snack or with an aperitif. Nothing simpler!

Those who prefer can incorporate themchoppedorwholein doughs of bread, pizza, focaccia or for the preparation of savory and sweet biscuits and muffins.

Once roasted, ipumpkin seedsthey can be added to vegetable or pasta salads.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds:how to toast pumpkin seeds

THE toasted pumpkin seeds they can also be prepared at home after consuming a pumpkin.

It is sufficient to wash all the seeds carefully, removing the pulp and any filaments that have remained attached to it. After washing, you'll have to do a simple one roasting.

Before being toasted, ipumpkin seedsmust be dried completely.How to toast pumpkin seeds? In the oven for 30 minutes at 140 ° C. Remember to turn them halfway through cooking (after the first 15 minutes), in order to toast them on both sides.

To make them tastier you can add a pinch of salt or some spice such as paprika or pepper.

As an alternative to the oven, you can prepare the toasted pumpkin seedsin a non-stick pan. Just cook them on a low flame for about 30 minutes. While roasting, stir constantly to prevent them from burning. You will find that they are ready because they will take on a golden color or begin to open.

Can you eat raw and in shell pumpkin seeds?

THE seeds of pumpkin, in the home, they gobaked in the ovenorin the panto favor the elimination of the external integument. In the home, therefore, cooking is almost inevitable.

I wrote almost because this is not true for all pumpkin varieties. Pumpkin seeds can be eaten raw (not roasted) and in shell but only in the pumpkin varietyStyrian cucurbit. In this pumpkin, the seeds are green with such a soft shell that it does not need to be removed. The ingestion ofraw pumpkin seedsit is not recommended. A raw pumpkin seed is devoid of any crunchiness.

Pumpkin seeds, where to buy them

THE pumpkin seeds they can be found in the most well-stocked supermarkets or by taking advantage of online purchases.

On Amazon, a 200-gram pack ofraw pumpkin seedsyou buy at the price of 2.99 euros with free shipping. For all information on the product, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

Fortoast the pumpkin seedsalreadyshelled, the times are much shorter. THEalready shelled pumpkin seedslike those just recommended, they gotoastedover medium heat for a couple of minutes. Again, for theroastinguse a non-stick pan.

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