Cervical, symptoms and natural remedies

Cervical, symptoms and natural remedies

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Cervical, symptoms and natural remedies: all the natural remedies and exercises to fight i symptoms induced by neck pain, from dizziness to headache.

THEcervical pains(neck pain) are dictated by interconnecting factors that can also involve the limbs or the lower back. The pains start from the so-calledcervical vertebraeradiating from head to back.

THE symptoms most common of neck pain include recurrent headaches, dizziness, stiff neck, visual disturbances, hearing disorders, swallowing problems, pain in the cervical vertebrae which, in some cases, can radiate and also involve other parts of the body such as arms , hands and the entire nape of the neck.

Note: any problem in the cervical area must be treated with the help of a doctor or posturologist. When dizziness appears among the symptoms, it may be appropriate to seek the advice of a neurologist.

Cervical: natural remedies

There are manynatural remediesto soothe i cervical pains and the other symptoms mentioned. Before talking about natural remedies, it is important to identify the cause of the neck pain. Six cervical pains they are dictated by incorrect posture, it will be necessary to learn to take the best positions according to need. In addition to incorrect posture, another cause of neck pain is inflammation and muscle contractures. On this page we will see natural remedies valid for both causes triggers, even if, in case of incorrect posture it will be necessary to consult a posturologist to be able to treat the problem on several fronts.

- Devil's claw

It is an ancient herbal remedy commonly used to relieve neck pain. To find out about all the properties and where to buy the devil's claw extracts, please refer to the dedicated page: "Arnica montana, properties and methods of use ".Yes, mountain arnica and devil's claw are the same plant.

- Arnica oil

In homeopathy, arnica is widely used to combat muscle pain. His preparations are considered, par excellence, the powerfulnatural anti-inflammatories. Massages with arnica gel or oil can be very helpful for soothe neck pains and relieve muscle tension. For all information on the properties and where to buy arnica oil for massages, please refer to the page: "mountain arnica, the natural anti-inflammatory ".

- Thermal stimulation and pressotherapy

Another popular remedy to relieve tension in the nape of the neck, neck and shoulders is thermal stimulation, in simpler words, the application of heat! Before sleeping, you can apply the classic hot water bag at the level of the cervical area or take advantage of one of the many cervical pillows on the market. Among the various products, the cushions that combine pressure therapy with thermo-relaxing action are of considerable interest.

A good thermal pillow for the cervical can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 59.90 with free shipping. The thermo-pillow in question is able to release pressure decontracting stimuli with a myo-relaxing effect (it releases the muscles counteracting the typical stiffness of cervical sufferers).

In the description, the pressure stimuli are described as "acupressure", do not be fooled by the term, the "needles" in question are small plastic protrusions which, combined with the heat released by the pillow itself, relieve neck pain and dissolve muscle tension.

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Exercises for the cervical

It's not easyself-prescribeexercises to do to soothe neck pain and symptoms. To start, we recommend that you contact an expert physiotherapist who can teach you the most suitable aerobic exercises for your case.

In presence ofcervicaltheexercisesaerobics can offer a great help to the body. It is necessary to do exercises capable of relieving neck tension: excessive stiffness in the neck and vertebrae implies less mobility and a strong imbalance between sight and hearing, these are the factors that trigger thedizzinessfrom cervical.

When it comes to exercises, one must bear in mind that, who suffers fromcervicalhe should avoid intense physical activity as much as possible. Inadequate muscle strain and exercise could further inflame the cervical area.

Cervical: yoga exercises

The most suitable for relieving neck pain are yoga exercises. Yoga exercises are designed to relax sore muscles, nothing better to counteract the stiffness of the neck and to recover the correct posture. The ideal would be to understand the origin of the cervical, if dictated by muscle contracture or by the prolonged assumption of incorrect posture over time, in the second case the intervention of a posturologist may be required.

Cervical: symptoms

Among the most common symptoms ofcervicalin addition to the classic pains in the cervical vertebrae, stiff neck, headache, vision and hearing disorders, sometimes even swallowing problems, are included.

Tinnitus can also be caused by cervical disorders. It is about symptomstriggered by the stiffness of the vertebrae, by prolonged muscle contractures and bad postures. Such symptomsrelated can affect vision and hearing (cervical tinnitus).

Vertigo as a symptom of cervical problems

Between symptomsof the problems tocervicalappear thedizziness. Because in the previous paragraph we did not mention vertigo among the various symptoms of the cervical? Why the dizziness they are much rarer and generally not related to inflammation of the cervical area, but to a crushing of the vertebrae of the cervical area (hernia).

Thecervical vertigoare caused by neurovascular compression due to the alterations of the vertebrae themselves (rigidity) and above all by the conflict of differentinputreaching the central nervous system.

The information sent by the peripheral organs (neck movements, auditory and visual inputs) come into conflict generating a decompensation that dictates that sense of instability calledvertigo. The eyes perceive movement, however the liquid present in the ear and the neck-body axis remain rigid and do not perceive any movement. This inconsistency is followed by thedizziness.

Vertigo: remedies

Between natural remedies at cervical vertigowe point out the baths in warm water with drops of lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil, with anti-inflammatory properties for the treatment of contractures, back pain and cervical pain. Also in this case the possibility of treatments by an expert physiotherapist should not be neglected.

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