Rosemary essential oil, properties and benefits

Rosemary essential oil, properties and benefits

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Rosemary essential oil:properties, benefits, uses and tips to make the most of it for body care and natural cosmetics.

L'essential oil of rosemaryis derived fromRosmarinus Officinalis, a plant of the Labiatae family. This essential oil is popular for its many beneficial properties. Rosemary has always been known for its stimulating and purifying properties, so even its essential oil is used for the many cosmetic properties and therapeutic.

Rosemary essential oil, benefits on hair

L'essential oil of rosemary it has interesting anti-dandruff properties, it is perfect for the natural treatment of oily hair, for skin care, for solar eczema and for relieving muscle pain. For hair, rosemary essential oil seems to act as an anti-fall remedy and above all to stimulate hair growth in case of stress or conditions such as alopecia.

L'essential oil of rosemaryincludes interesting beneficial properties to be used for skin and hair care. L'essential oil of rosemary it is excellent for treating oily hair, to eliminate dandruff and rebalance the scalp. For the treatment of oily hair and to combat dandruff, packs are made with essential oil of rosemary and jojoba oil.

To rebalance the scalp, experts recommend adding 2 drops of essential oil of rosemary to a neutral shampoo for frequent use.

Rosemary essential oil to improve memory, concentration and mood

L'essential oil of rosemaryit is used to improve concentration and memory. It is perfect to use as an essence to perfume the work environment, the library or the study area.

In aromatherapy it is also used to relieve nervous tension and performance anxiety. Used as an air freshener, it would be able to improve the quality of the air as well as increase good humor. To make the most of the advantages of aromatherapy, you can count on essential oil diffusers.

Aromatherapy withessential oil of rosemaryit is recommended in case of chronic tiredness or fatigue which can also affect memory. The essential oil of rosemary, thanks to the properties of its intense aroma, would be able to stimulate and invigorate the senses, giving energy and vitality to the mind and body.

Rosemary essential oil, therapeutic properties

The properties ofessential oil of rosemaryare linked to the presence of phytochemical compounds such as camphene, camphor, limonene, cineole, pinene, borneol ... The chemical composition of an essential oil can differ greatly depending on the cultivar or place of cultivation, so it is not possible to report estimates precise on the percentage of components. Generally, a good essential oil of rosemary has a high content of camphor and cineole.

L'essential oil of rosemary it has been shown to be effective in relieving pain and inflammation in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis but did not give any evidence when clinical trials were conducted on people with fibromyalgia. For hisanti-inflammatory properties, this oil can be used to prepare a massage ointment to relieve typical arthritic pains.

L'essential oil of rosemary for internal useit has proved to be a good gastric protector, useful in the prevention of ulcers. According to a study ** published in 2016, this essential oil could be even more effective than Omeprazole, a famous gastric protector.

Rosemary essential oil properties for the skin

For skin care it can be used to dab in case of acne or eczema, to perfume DIY face creams and is especially recommended in case of oily skin. For skin or face care, this essential oil is indicated for oily, combination skin or for those who tend to have problems with pimples or inflamed blackheads.

This is because, thanks to its disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents the appearance of pimples and improves the health of the skin. To make the most of yours cosmetic properties, better dilute it in borage oil.

Rosemary essential oil, cosmetic properties

L'essential oil of rosemaryit is widely used in aromatherapy, so much so that it is included among the essential oils that can never be missing at home. On a physical level, rosemary has strong purifying powers, helps eliminate toxins and, thanks to its diuretic and draining properties, serves to eliminate excess water.

For body care, theessential oil of rosemarycan create an excellent massage oil to use in case of muscle tension, pain, bruises and neck problems. A few drops of rosemary essential oil, diluted in almond oil, can create a soothing massage liquid to be used in case of:

  • Water retention
  • Anti-cellulite massages
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Nervous tension and stress
  • Headache
  • Muscle tensions and pains
  • Neck pains

Other uses of Rosemary essential oil

L'essential oil of rosemary it can be used for the domestic production of detergents and detergents, to make scented candles or to make soap at home.

Rosemary essential oil, contraindications

Rosemary essential oil should never be used pure on the skin but, like any other essential oil, before use it must be diluted in a carrier oil.

Rosemary essential oil for internal use, if not used in low doses, can have neurotoxic effects, trigger convulsions and epileptic seizures. Internal use is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Where to buy Rosemary essential oil

It is possible to buy theessential oil of rosemary, as well as others essential oils, in the most well-stocked herbalists and shops specialized in the sale of natural products.

Those who prefer can take advantage of online shopping where prices are very competitive.

Among the products with the best value for money we point out a 50 ml bottle of essential oil of rosemary offered on Amazon at a price of 9.99 euros with free shipping costs. For all information, please refer to "this Amazon page".

Regardless of the product you choose, always make sure you buy a 100% pure essential oil, undiluted and above all unadulterated.

** Ghasemian M, Owlia S, Owlia MB (2016). "Review of Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Medicines". Adv Pharmacol Sci (Revisión) 2016

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