Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot essential oil

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Bergamot essential oil: property, price, where to buy it, does it really work? All information on bergamot essential oil.

L'bergamot essential oiloressence of bergamot, is extracted from the citrus peel. It takes the skins of about 100 bergamots to produce only 85 ml ofessential oil. This oil is obtained with the cold pressing process of the peels.

The percentage composition of any essential oil changes according to the material of origin and according to the production. Generally speaking, the most abundant compounds in this essential oil are:

  • Limonène
  • Acétate de Linalyle
  • Linalool
  • γ-Terpinène
  • β-Pinène

It is thanks to these compounds that thebergamot essential oilincludes certain qualities, here are what they are and how to use it both in cosmetics and for internal use.

Bergamot essential oil

L'bergamot essential oilit should be used on the skin only if diluted with carrier oil (or carrier oil) such as almond oil or avocado oil.

L'bergamot essential oilit is used to treat psoriasis or to mitigate skin depigmentation (such as vitiligo). It is also used as a natural repellent to keep insects away from the body as well as a tanning sun oil. The use ofbergamot essential oil as a tanning agent it is not recommended, it would seem that exposure to ultraviolet rays of light, due to compounds such as bergapten, citroptene, bergamottin and neral, would cause tanning and redness of the skin due to an effectphototoxic.

Bergamot essential oil for internal use

Many users are interested inbergamot essential oilfor internal use and its impact on cholesterol. This is because bergamot, when compared to other citrus fruits, contains more polyphenols. It is believed that polyphenols can play a crucial role in inhibiting the absorption of fats, thus lowering the level of total cholesterol. Bergamot is supposed to stimulate the secretion of hormones capable of increasing metabolic rates (stimulate metabolism).

Who is interested inbergamot essential oil for these reasons, you can consider increasing the consumption of beans in your daily diet: beans perform an activating action of the metabolism as they bring the precursor of the neurotransmitter L-DOPA, they also contain a high rate of polyphenols and vegetable fibers that reduce notably the absorption of fat and help in the regular expulsion of toxins. The use ofessential oils for internal useit can hide health risks, so it is only recommended when there are no natural alternatives as effective. Better to consult your doctor's opinion before using it ascaredo-it-yourself.

Those who cannot do without it can exploit theEarl Gray tea, a type oftenderflavored with bergamot essential oil.

Bargamotto essential oil in aromatherapy

In aromatherapy, theessential oil of Bergamot, especially when combined with that of lavender and peppermint, is able to counteract stress and reduce nervous hunger. It is perfect for scenting home environments where you spend most of your time (living room, kitchen ...).

In aromatherapy, bergamot essential oil is used to calm emotional stress and relax the spirit.

Bergamot essential oil, other properties

It has a fresh, light, fruity and slightly balsamic aroma. It has astringent and purifying properties. Other properties of bergamot essence:

  • deodorants
  • vermifuge
  • antibiotics
  • antiseptics
  • antispamodics
  • sedative
  • analgesics
  • antidepressants
  • disinfectants
  • febrifuges
  • cicatrizants
  • digestive

Bergamot essential oil, price and where to buy it

Bergamot essence can be purchased in herbalists or at shops specializing in the sale of natural products. The price ofbergamot essential oilvaries according to the manufacturer, the extraction process (there are still those who produce it by hand with the manual pressing of the peels) and the raw material used (whether organic or not). The most competitive prices are found with online shopping where the competition is greater. For the sake of completeness, we indicate some purchase proposals from Amazon:

  • Pure Natural Product - 30 ml bottle
    The price for a 30ml bottle is € 17.98 with free shipping.
  • Pure Natural Product - 50 ml bottle
    Not organic product but 100% pure, the price is € 19.98 for a 50 ml bottle. Also in this case the shipping is free.

Please note: the products indicated are for cosmetic use only. Although pure and natural, they cannot be used for internal use. The reason? The production chain does not meet the high standards required for products to be taken. ThepriceofBergamot essential oil for internal useis higher.

Many recommend it in case of high cholesterol, however, its use in case of non-optimal health conditions should always be carried out with great caution and after consulting a doctor.

Where to buy bergamot essential oil for internal use? Also in this case you can contact your trusted herbalist's or phyto-pharmacies. Those who prefer can take advantage of the Amazon purchase:to this Amazon pageaedible bergamot essential oil, of biological origin.

Like any other essential oil, it cannot be used pure! For both internal and cosmetic use, it will be necessary to dilute theessence of bergamotin another liquid.

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