Black tea, benefits and contraindications

Black tea, benefits and contraindications

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Black tea: benefits, properties, side effects and contraindications.All information on the consumption oftender. From infusion times to health effects.

THEbenefits of black teahave been investigated since the first infusions ofCamellia sinensis, dating back to about 4,700 years ago, in China. According to the culture widespread in China at the time and supported by Emperor Shennong, thetenderit was useful for ameliorating a large number of diseases. Today, scientific research shows us the real onesproperty of tender,including contraindications and side effects.

Betweenbenefitswe immediately report the positive impact on the levels ofcholesterol.A research entitled "Green and black tea for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease"And completed in June 2013, examined the impact oftenderhe was born ingreen teaon the prevention of cardiovascular disease, the research concluded that theyou blackwhen consumed for a certain period lowers LDL cholesterol concentrations by 7.74 mg / dL.

Some blends of black tea may have different properties because they are supported by other substances, this is the case of the "Earl Gray Tea ",a blend of black tea that brings with it the properties of bergamot essential oil. Other potentialsbenefitsthey are linked to topical use, such as the use of black tea for hair and skin care.

Does black tea make you lose weight?

When it comes to benefitsof one or another substance comes the fateful question ...but does it make you lose weight?The potential slimming effects oftenderthey are linked to caffeine and theanine. Tea contains theanine and caffeine in concentrations of around 3% of its dry weight.

How much caffeine does tea contain?
A cup of black tea (about 250 ml) can contain between 30 and 90 mg of caffeine depending on the blend and the type of fermentation. Thetenderit also contains small amounts of theobromine and theophylline. The hypothesis that thetenderor thegreen teacan have a positive impact on weight loss is linked to the intake of these stimulating substances which are able to give a momentary boost to the metabolism). Despite these bases, a research conducted for 12 months on a sample of volunteers showed no clinical evidence on the alleged slimming effect tender.

For everyone elsebenefitsI refer you to the articleBlack tea, properties.

Black tea, side effects and contraindications

Black tea is contraindicated in people suffering from anemia (iron deficiency), kidney stones and its consumption must be limited by pregnant women.

Amongside effectsassociated with a high consumption of tender there is kidney failure and poor iron absorption. Drinking an excessive amount oftenderit can, on the one hand, inhibit the absorption of iron and on the other cause kidney failure. Tea contains oxalate but research shows that the bioavailability of this substance is low, so to make sure that theseside effectsmay occur, massive doses oftender.

How to reuse black tea leaves

Black tea and green tea are both made fromCamellia sinensistherefore, to recycle black tea leaves (or tea infusion bags), you can follow my suggestions on the "how to reuse green tea leaves ".

Black tea and infusion times

It is legitimate to wonder how long it is necessary to leave the tender if you think that based on the timing you can change both the aroma and the properties of the same infusion. With the infusion we allow the active ingredients to dissolve in water, the more the infusion times increase and the more "loaded" and "strong" ours will be tender.

In general, 2.25 grams of black tea or 180 ml of water are enough, or about a teaspoon of black tea for a cup of water.

Unlike the green tea that takes on a tastebitter when it touches high temperatures, thetendermust be immersed in boiling water.

Theinfusion timedepends on the type oftenderemployee. The brewing time of a delicate variety such as tender Darjeelingit takes about 3 - 4 minutes. Generally speaking, it is possible to state that for the infusion times oftender 3 minutes should be enough for a ground leaf because the surface in contact with water is greater. On the contrary, with thetenderwith whole leaves or with thetenderserved with milk, the infusion times can be extended.

By increasing the infusion times you have a better chance of obtaining an infusion of tender bitter. Brewing times should be estimated not for the variety of tea but to satisfy the palate of the drinker.

Concerns have only recently been raised about the impact of pesticides released into the infusion from tea leaves. Together with the active ingredients, by increasing the infusion times, the harmful pollutants dictated by intensive cultivation also dissolve in the water. Choose atenderproduced from organically grown crops is essential to avoid the risk of pesticides and other harmful compounds.

Tea plants (Camellia sinensis)they absorb fluorides from the soil and may contain traces of iron, aluminum and lead. It's not about property intrinsic of tender but the consequences of intensive cultivation. For this reason, at the time of purchase, it should be choose a black tea (or a blend of black tea) organic and even better if hand-picked. Harvesting by hand tends to discard the oldest leaves which are therefore richer in fluorides, iron, aluminum and lead.

Types of tea

As stated, black tea is just one of the many varieties of tea. For information on the properties, flavor and characteristics of other teas, please refer to the page:Types of tea.

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