Natural mulch from the garden

Natural mulch from the garden

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A natural mulch is the basis of organic farming. In fact, in the organic garden the soil should never be left bare and unprotected: the sun and wind risk drying it out, while the shower of water dilates the soft upper layer. Not to mention the weeds that, as in all kinds of gardens, compete with vegetables.

There mulch it is like laying a mantle to protect the soil from bad weather and, at the same time, containing the growth of weeds. Various materials (for example plastic sheets) can be used for this covering and containment function, but if you want to carry out the natural mulch the choice is restricted to natural biodegradable ones.

For the natural mulch from the garden cut grass, raked foliage under trees, chopped weeds and mowed green manure plants are suitable, among others. In fact the mulch it is also a simple method of composting on site and can also be done with raw compost. However, the latter must be of good quality, it should be used with caution and only when it is fully mature, preferably on very poor or heavily exploited soils.

Straw and sawdust are two other materials that lend themselves very well to natural mulch. The first has practically no contraindications, while sawdust should be verified that it does not come from treated wood or from waste from processing that involves the use of glues or paints.

There natural mulch with sawdust it is ideal for keeping away red snails and slugs, which arouse crawling on this material, but the presence of tannin in the wood can be a problem making the soil excessively acidic. Particularly rich in tannin are the barks of chestnut, oak, fir and acacia, better not to overdo it.

The advantage of the natural mulchand compared to that made with plastic it is that the ground remains soft, moist, warm and at the same time well ventilated. Furthermore, the visible and invisible components of the underground fauna slowly devour the layer of vegetal mulch and gradually decompose it, transforming it into fertile soil.

If you don't have suitable organic material available, you can make one natural mulch organic with this mulch paper sheet

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