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Spring-flowering bulbous

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Spring-flowering bulbous: the list of bulbs that bloom in spring and summer and tips on how to have a flower garden all year round.

Who wants a flower garden all year round can't help but appreciate flower bulbs, there are a spring flowering, summer to autumn and winter flowering. Just learn how to manage bulbous flower beds to have flowers in the garden all year round.

Plus, manyspring flowering flower bulbscanto flourish, at home, even at Christmas!

Let's see all the information.

When to plant spring flower bulbs

Thespring-flowering bulbous plantsthey are planted between autumn and winter: until the first frosts begin, it will be possible to plantflower bulbsflowering in spring and summer. The planting lasts throughout the winter when the planting is done in a protected environment, then in pots.

THEflower bulbsgrow in any well-drained soil, before planting, check that the soil is not too wet and create a draining base given by gravel or earthenware shards.

In the article dedicated toflower beds of bulbous plantsyou will find suggestions on how to alternate the flower bulbs of the various seasons with other flowering plants in order to ensure your garden always has a flower bed, at any time of the year.

THEflower bulbsplanted in autumn, they are able to ensure flowering until late summer, so when iwinter flowering flower bulbslike snowdrops and crocuses will stop blooming, your garden will have more flowering bulbs and so on, season after season

List of spring flowering bulbous plants

THEbulbs that bloom in springthere are so many, we offer you a large list so as to guarantee you excellent margins of choice.


Hyacinthus orientalis varieties of hyacinths begin to bloom in early March. They bloom just before daffodils and botanical varieties of tulips.

Daffodils and Tulips

The list of narcissus varieties is very long as well as that of tulips.They bloom from mid-March together with other varieties of flower bulbs such as the Anemone, still crocuses (in particular with flowering starting from March, the crocus vernus) chionodoxa, muscari, ornithogalum ...


They allow you to adorn the planters with uncommon colors. In particular we point out the Fritillaria assyrica, the Fritillaria meleagris and the Fritillaria michailovskyi. These are relatively expensive flower bulbs to make the most of your garden.


Betweenspring-flowering bulbous plantswe point out the Erythoronium, genus of monocotyledonous spermatophyte plants belonging to the Liliaceae family. Thesebulbous flowering plantsthey look like small herbaceous perennials with flowers only apparently similar to cyclamen. For garden cultivation choose a shady and very humid area. The cheapest varieties to grow (because they are more robust and less expensive) are the Pagoda and the Kondo.


The cyclamen are thespring-flowering bulbous plantsfor excellence. We point out the hybrids of Cyclamen coun which can create beautiful flowering areas in a semi-shaded position.


Those who live in Northern Italy or in mountainous areas will have to prefer varieties of the speciesLilium martagon and Lilium Martagon Album.


Per wants to plant thespring-flowering bulbous plantsin particularly sunny areas he will have to choose the varieties of the Lilium candidum species, better known as St. Anthony's lily or Madonna's lily.


They are very fragrant and there are many colors. In the articleHow to grow freesiaswe show you not only thecareto dedicate to the plant, the planting period and the most beautiful varieties, but alsohow to anticipate the flowering of spring bulbs.

Bulbs that bloom in spring, unusual plants

Between spring-flowering bulbous plantswhich go beyond April and May, there are lesser known varieties such as the Hyacinthoides hispanica which are perfectly adapted to the Italian climatic conditions. They have abundant flowering and soft colors (white, lilac, blue, pink…).

Betweenbulbs less knownthat they bloom in spring, we point out this list.

  • Oxalis
  • Coronary anemone *
  • Ipheion
  • Leucojum
  • Ranunculus
  • Peruvian squill
  • Camassia
  • Eremurus
  • Gladiolus communis
  • T.riteleia.
  • Arum dracunculus *

Coronary anemone

It can offer flower beds or very rich and brightly colored planters. The coronary anemone is the one you see in the images on this page. For more photos and for the purchase of crocuses, you can visit "this Amazon page". THEanemone bulbsthey are not very easy to find in garden centers but you can take advantage of the online purchase or contact well-stocked retailers.

Arum dracunculus

Arum dracunculus or Dracunculus vulgaris is a spring bulbnot very common because its smell attracts many flies. The tuber of this plant can be planted both in autumn and in spring. Its leaves are exuberant and take up a lot of space so it doesn't do well in flower beds for small bulbous plants.

How to grow spring flower bulbs even in winter

In some nurseries, an operation known asforcingof the bulb, it is for this reason that we find hyacinthsdaffodils, tulips and freesiasinflowereven in December and January, practically in the coldest months of the year! These are not "early varieties" but the classic variety that has undergone oneforced budding.

n practice, growers trigger a cold dormancy that leads to bud formation within weeks. In this way, it is possible to havefreesias in bloom all year round. To know all the details of this technique ofcultivation of freesia, I refer you to the pagehow to grow daffodils. The narcissus, like freesia, is a bulb that can be "forced" to always have it in bloom, even in the middle of winter.

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