Dogs as a gift

Dogs as a gift

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Dogs as a gift, a nice idea, perhaps, depends on who and which dog. And even when, because there is a moment and a moment, both for the recipient dogs as a gift both for those who receive it and for the dog that is received. You can give it to your birthday, to a friend, to your boyfriend or girl, wife or husband. To the children, too, and here there is a whole parenthesis to open, which we will open shortly.

THE dogs as a gift they can be a good idea, but it is necessary to "study" the gesture well. Sometimes you don't “dare” to give a perfume, true, because “too personal, better choose her / him”. Here, with the dog it is 3000 times the degree of "Too personal".

Dogs as a gift: when

Having said that, if we are convinced that the gift will be absolutely appreciated, let's see what age they must be dogs as a gift. Because I understand that from a smaller scenographic point of view e "Fluffy" is our thought, the more it will be appreciated. At first, because what it means must then be evaluated dogs as a gift too young.

Many character problems of the domestic dogs they are in fact linked to the incorrect choice of age at which the puppy was removed from his family. As soon as he is able to eat on his own, about 35 days, the idea may come to unplug the puppy from mom and "pack it up", but it is psychic weaning it lasts beyond the physical one, quickly done, and we risk having dogs as a gift who have not yet "learned to be a dog".

In fact, from the fourth week to the end of the second month, the puppy understands for example, how to measure the strength of the bite, the meaning of the "taboo", which must not touch an object owned by an adult, what does a safe distance mean.

The advice for dogs as a gift it is never before two months, but let's say that if they are expecting the three, it is much better, without any fear that waiting for the puppy becomes less attached to the recipient of the gift. Indeed, i dogs as a gift at that age they are dogs psychologically "complete".

Dogs as a gift: the first days

Once i dogs as a gift are delivered, after enjoying the enthusiastic expression of those who have found our idea before, gloating, okay, but we must bore the new owner of some recommendations.

For example, remembering that the first days of the dogs as a gift they are the most delicate and difficult and it is good to provide them with one right away blanket where to acclimatize. Very "Snoopy" style but so it is. Even bowls and toys all his can do feel at home.

Important with dogs as a gift as soon as they arrive, get them used to the rhythms of home immediately: they are animals of habit and for them it is essential to have stable daily rhythms. Just like us: better combine well immediately. So fixed times for walks, for food and for playing.

Needless to say, but with i dogs as a gift, you must also give a lot of patience, especially initially, to find it just think of being in their place: how we would feel to be dogs as a gift?

Dogs as a gift: from the kennel

Nothing prevents that if we have opted for the dogs as a gift, we can't get them in a kennel. If well referenced and comfortable, the kennel can be a great place for dogs as a gift: we can find them of every race and every age, with authentic and heartbreaking stories at times.

And then the gift takes on a whole other meaning if with the fact of dogs as a gift, we save some of them from the cages, giving them a better future. Giving away an animal taken from the kennel is a gesture of civilization, we can continue conscientiously by making a reasonable choice.

Dogs as a gift: how to choose

First of all, let's remember that when i dogs as a gift they are delivered the recipient owns them and takes responsibility for them, so we choose to donate them to responsible people. It is also important to try to associate the right dog with the right person, and to do so, the breed must be evaluated not in an aesthetic sense but in a character sense.

Right to choose i dogs as a gift based on size and type, but we are also attentive to the character of the individual and the typical nature of the breed, if it is a purebred dog. Konrad Lorentz he said: “The choice of the owner by a good dog is a magnificent and mysterious phenomenon. With surprising speed, often in a few days, a bond is established that is by far the most solid of all ”.

Dogs as a gift to children

Do you really believe in it, that they can be given dogs as a gift to the children? Not me, it is a gift, if grdito, to their family, their parents, to ourselves if we are, but the child intercepts very little of what actually having a dog is. He can play with it, with the necessary precautions, but everything else?

I'm talking about keeping company with dogs as a gift, let them take long walks in the natural environment, let them play, meet other dogs on a daily basis, feed them quality food and treat them if they are sick. We do not open the holiday parenthesis, even those with the dogs as a gift, they are not free and anarchic, it is not taken for granted that they will remain so.

Before you think about dogs as a gift for children remember that animals are not an object. Soft toys are, they cost less, in euros, and less effort for those who receive them. If the child is in a family he could benefit from our thinking of dogs as a gift, we proceed with conviction, but not before having evaluated what breed of dog we are giving away.

Not a German Bracco if nobody likes to go to the woods, not a french bulldog if the only walk is in the city center. Act set the new dog arrived it is also important that you become familiar with the child too, so you can do activities together while respecting the characteristics of the dog and the age of the child. The rules must be firmly introduced and enforced by both sides.

Dogs as a gift, from a distance

If you are not convinced of the dogs as a gift “Live” but you don't even want to be satisfied with the plush surrogate, here is the solution. Distance adoption is offered. For example, it is possible to do it with the Dog League.

There are many occasions - birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, always - and dogs as a gift remote means providing food, care and shelter to dogs in need of our help. There are many opportunities, online, referenced.

In the case indicated you can also decide how long we offer dogs as a gift with an expense ranging from a minimum of 20 to a minimum of 180 euros, passing from the “occasional” formula to annual or quarterly, or half-yearly. In any case they will not make you miss for the dogs as a gift so, quite a lot personalized adoption certificate.

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