Potted garden of herbs and dwarf vegetables

Potted garden of herbs and dwarf vegetables

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A potted vegetable garden it is an interesting alternative to flowers on the balcony and terrace. On the aesthetic side, there are vegetables as beautiful as flowers to see and as for the fragrances well… with a potted vegetable garden of aromatic you will always have a beautiful scented house.

Growing in pots requires compliance with some rules. And when it comes to a potted vegetable garden we must consider that we are talking about plants 'used' to develop in the ground or in prepared greenhouses, not in small containers.

This does not mean that you cultivate a potted vegetable garden is not possible, indeed. We only need some precautions about the choice of pots and soil. Then, inevitably, there will be vegetables more or less suitable to be grown in this way. Personally, to get some great satisfaction from a potted vegetable garden, focus on dwarf vegetables and aromatic herbs.

For a potted vegetable garden of aromas I also recommend not limiting yourself to the cultivation of the 'usual' aromatic herbs such as basil, sage, rosemary, mint, parsley, thyme, marjoram and oregano. These are fine, but we also make room for something 'unusual' such as wild fennel, borage, chamomile, lemon balm and chervil. In my potted vegetable garden, for example, chives and shallots in one corner cannot be missing. A beautiful quality of celery, there are several, and a little lavender is the final touch.

A potted vegetable garden it can be done starting from seeds or seedlings already developed. For both solutions, varieties of dwarf vegetables or with limited development. If you prefer to sow it is necessary to create an area destined for seedbed, bearing in mind that certain seeds need controlled temperatures and humidity to germinate. Cherry tomatoes and radishes, for example, should be sown in trays and transplanted when they have developed 3-4 leaves. Other seeds, such as cut lettuce and kidney beans, can go straight into garden pots.

Begin a potted vegetable garden from ready-made seedlings simplifies the operations and multiplies the chances of success. The seedlings purchased in nursery trays must be transplanted immediately because the small root ball dehydrates in a few hours if it is not irrigated and protected from the heat. It is advisable, after transplanting, to keep the young specimens in the shade for some time. Only when they are strengthened will they be able to stay in full sun.

Vegetable garden in pots: care

Whether it's aromas or dwarf vegetables, a potted garden requires careful and continuous care. The first concerns irrigation, which must be generous and regular always and daily in summer. However, the water must never stagnate for a long time in the saucer and it is advisable not to wet the leaves in order not to favor the onset of fungal diseases.

A potted vegetable garden it should be watered in the evening, even better early in the morning; never during the hottest hours of the day or under the sun. Fertilization must also be frequent but never excessive. For reasons of practicality, it is advisable to use a liquid fertilizer (organic) or alternatively good earthworm humus ready for use (there are clean and odorless ones).

Here you will find a very practical fertilization kit

As for the defense against diseases, compliance with the conditions of light, water and fertilizer usually guarantees the plants of a potted vegetable garden good self-defense skills. However, the shoots and the lower pages of the leaves should always be checked. At the first signs you can intervene with do-it-yourself preparations such as garlic infusion, nettle macerate, tansy decoction and others. Only in severe cases should we switch to traditional insecticides and always respecting the recommendations for use and latency periods.

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