Cold feet, natural remedies

Cold feet, natural remedies

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Cold feet: natural remedies, probable causes and indications on how to warm feet that are always cold.

THEfeet always coldthey can be the symptoms of various non-physiological situations: hormonal imbalances, malnutrition, anemia, circulatory system dysfunction ... cold feetthey can more simply be caused by low temperatures or anxiety (i cold and sweaty feet, as well as i cold feet in summer, are often a symptom of anxiety and stress). If you have doubts about the causes, do not hesitate to consult your doctor in order to obtain a correct diagnosis. On this page we will see which are the bestnatural remediesai cold feet.

The condition of thecold feetcan have multiple causes, among others: diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, vascular diseases, Raynaud's syndrome, restless legs syndrome, chronic fatigue ... even phenomena such as alcohol abuse or vitamin deficiencies can cause a prolonged state of hypothermia localized to the extremities of the limbs (cold feet and / or hands). In general, we can say that the feet get cold and have difficulty regaining heat when the supply of oxygen carried by the blood is insufficient.

Cold feet, natural remedies

Foot exercises

It is well known: movement reactivates circulation! Doing exercises with the feet will increase the blood supply and with it the oxygen supply. It is not difficult to keep your feet in motion, basically all you have to do is stress the tissues: stand on your toes and hold the position for at least a minute and then move all the weight only on the heels. Invest 10 minutes (one minute on the toes, one on the heels, one minute on the toes and one on the heels….). While seated, you can stimulate blood circulation by rotating your feet clockwise, again this time you should continue for at least 10 minutes.


Massages have a double effect, stimulating circulation on the one hand and heating on the other. Massage your feet with warm oil, you can use a specific ointment enhanced with essential oils or use the classic olive oil. Heat the oil and massage the feet up to the fingertips, from the inside outwards, exerting a slight pressure.

Hydrotherapy and Kneipp path

At the basis of hydrotherapy with Kneipp path we find rapid immersion in water tanks with different temperatures in order to take advantage of the so-calledthermal shockto reactivate the circulation. You can go to a wellness center and follow an authentic Kneipp path with thermal water or take cold and hot water baths at home. Remember to start with cold water and then switch to hot water. The cold water temperature should not be exaggeratedly low, it should be in a range of 12 to 2o degrees, while the ideal hot water temperature should be in the range of 36 to 38 degrees. For more information on theKneipp pathwe refer you to the dedicated page: Kneipp path.


The foot bath for icold feetit should not be done with excessively hot water. Add half a cup ofsalt of Epsonrich in magnesium sulfate.

Take care of nutrition

If you are overweight or obese try to get as close as possible to your ideal weight. Set small goals! In any case, take care of your diet and do not hesitate to consult a good nutritionist in order to evaluate together the presence of any nutritional deficiencies. Ensure your body the right amount of iron, magnesium and vitamin D, sometimes the deficiency of one of these micronutrients can lead to circulatory problems. Add foods such as spinach, chard, turnips, mustard, broccoli, avocado, cucumber, green beans, whole grains, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and almonds to your diet.

Cold feet in the summer 

For the cold feet in the summer, a barefoot walk on the beach or on the grass, can help reactivate circulation and relieve tension. Often, the cause of cold feet in summer is due to states of anxiety.

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