Cat nails: how to take care of them

Cat nails: how to take care of them

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Cat's nails, the ones he likes to play with. Cat's nails: those that, when we find the sofa or the piece of furniture with the signs of the crime, we would cut them off completely. No, that's not the case, nothing declawing, let's think and see how to act.

Not in the rush of one of the many companies of ours pestiferous cat but by scrupulous owners and respectful of the nature of the animal we live with. And with which we want to continue to coexist peacefully. Saving the sofas but also his dignity of feline and our relationship with him.

I don't recommend deciding for the "Declawing". For those unfamiliar with the term, it is the surgical operation of extracting the entire nail. It is an avoidable "extreme remedy" and to be avoided because it does not take into account the specific needs of the cat.

He has the claws not only to hunt prey, but also to mark the territory, orient oneself, understand the type of surface on which it is found. We cannot think, for the love of a sofa, to remove the cat nails, his tools of incredible sensory importance.

With all this preamble I do not mean that we must remain helpless, surrendering to the ability, which I am well aware of having two cats, to do damage. You can cut the cat nails. It is not only to save us from domestic disasters but also for himself, when he cannot file his claws by himself, because he is always at home or in the absence of a scratching post.

And in the absence of trees that would be the first and primary and primitive way for a feline to settle the matter cat nails. But for today's domestic cats, it's hard to find a tree while di scratching post there are some magnificent ones.

Cut the cat nails it is an operation that requires a steady hand and the ability to manage the nervous jerks of the animal. Before acting, let's take into account the mission cat nails understands the risk of getting his hands scratched by the animal that could rebel against the operation. If we can deal with all this without causing drama, fine, otherwise it is better to rely on a veterinarian or a professional groomer.

Cat nails: tools to cut them

Getting ready for cutting the cat nails we need to find one blanket, soft, to wrap the animal. The softer it is, the more safe and secure it feels, the less likely it is to react badly. Also serves a cutters for animals special, available in pet stores, performing and safe. No scissors and other nail clippers for the care of the human body, it takes a shape of the tip suitable for the morphology of the cat nails.

Without getting scared, but just in case, better keep it handy too gauze and disinfectant: the possibility of injuring the cat is very remote. Important are the awards, when cutting the cat nails, treats or biscuits, for example. Both for the after cut of cat nails both for the during. As calming, they will do, or as a means of distracting.

Cat nails: how to cut them

First of all, let's make it clear that you don't have to cut them in half cat nails but reduce them slightly, and it must be an absolutely painless intervention. The cat nails they should only be blunt or slightly rounded: we are talking about a few millimeters.

Let's start by taking the cat's paws in your hands and pressing lightly on the back of the paw: this is how the nails appear, mechanically. Looking at the bottom of the cat nails you see, at about half length, a kind of little skin which must never be cut or even touched in the operation.

The one a few millimeters from the end is the point in which to cut and you can proceed by holding the cutter and positioning it. Then with decision, we check the cat nails, with a quick and decisive gesture, without hesitating too much.

If we wait, he could react and move his paw, risking making us make a mistake. At the end of cutting the cat nails it can be passed, on the tip, with a wooden nail file to remove any residues or grooves still present.

Cat nails: when you bite them

When a cat bites its nails it is trying to remove the old sheath perhaps ruined and worn by time. The new one is popping up below but le sheaths old sometimes when they "fall" they cause small injuries to cat nails.

If we don't see him limping or groaning in pain or bleeding from a paw we don't have to worry, he is a sheath and not a cat's nail to be detached.

Cat's nails: lesion

If the cat nails they are torn, due to a sudden movement or other fatalities, the animal will begin to limp and show clear signs of pain. It is also better to check if there are signs of bleeding, pus leaking around the injured claw, or if it continues to licking the same paw.

In case of injury to cat nails it is necessary to proceed with the cleaning of the inflamed area. We take the physiological solution or a disinfectant and wash the wound by removing any residue from the paw, to prevent the cat from ingesting unwanted liquid by licking it.

In case the wound on the cat nails is particularly serious you can bandage it temporarily, something for 12 hours, then let it go. Cats are known to be restless with nails or without.

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