How to rent a motorhome around the world

How to rent a motorhome around the world

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Rent a camper all over the world in a few minutes it is simple and safe and will allow you to discover a new way to go on holiday with multiple advantages and without giving up on comforts.

The camper is a means of transport that has undergone considerable evolution in recent decades and today guarantees a comfort that was once unthinkable: air conditioning systems, optimization of interior spaces, comfort of the beds and also ease of driving are all elements that have benefited from advances in technology .

Abroad, the percentage of people who choose to go on holiday by camper is much higher than what happens in Italy and in the United States there are families who even spend a good part of the year traveling in large campers called motorhomes: real homes with all comforts, here is an example ...

It is a vehicle where 6 people (4 adults and two children) can sleep comfortably, complete with kitchen, microwave oven and refrigerator with freezer, LCD TV, wi-fi connection, shower and much more.

Renting such a luxurious motorhome is cheaper than you might think and to see for yourself, all you have to do is visit and carry out a search as I did: for example for only 942 dollars you can rent a camper with the above characteristics, from 26 December to 4 January to end the year in the United States, between the legendary Las Vegas, where you can pick up the motorhomes and the wonderful natural parks, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion Park.

How to rent a motorhome around the world with Campanda

Campanda is a platform specialized in the rental of motorhomes and caravans born in 2013 for users in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, France and the United States. Since last August on the platform is available entirely in Italian which makes available one fleet of approximately 25,000 vehicles distributed in 30 states and 800 different locations.

Obviously, the rental points are also available on the Italian territory and in particular in the central-northern area.

After identifying the desired solution on the site, you can send an absolutely free and non-binding rental request. Multilingual telephone support is also available and you can write to the rental centers for any additional information before the booking is completed.

Renting a camper: the ideal solution for a holiday in nature

A camper holiday it is also perfect for those who want immerse yourself in nature, arriving near natural parks where no hotels are available so as to find themselves in the early morning in the immediate vicinity of various paths and itineraries to be covered on foot or by bicycle.

The new folding mountain bikes, possibly also equipped with pedal assistance, have given a further boost to this type of holiday that combines campers and bicycles, so as to allow excursions on challenging climbs even for the less trained.

Rent a camper: savings and certainty of the best offer

The savings is another of the strengths of one camper holiday and Campanda is so sure to offer the best rates that it guarantees reimbursement between any difference between the prices offered on its site and those on external sites or other booking platforms.
Obviously, the offers must refer to the same vehicle, rented in the same location and for the same dates and with the same rental conditions.

If the idea of ​​a vacation appeals to you, you can try starting with a short vacation, in Italy or Europe, and then organize, if you are satisfied, a more demanding vacation in a more distant country.

Among Most recommended states to rent a motorhome I can definitely suggest those from Northern Europe: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, really perfect for visiting by camper!

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