How to mount the lights on the Christmas tree

How to mount the lights on the Christmas tree

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How to mount the lights on the Christmas tree: a guide to determining how many lights you need and how to put them on the tree to get a perfect decoration.

If you feel perplexed because you are trying to put the best lights on yours Christmas tree, don't worry, it's something that happens to everyone. Doubts arise right from the choice: better a cold light, a warm light, colored bulbs, led, incandescent and above all, how many bulbs do you need to illuminate a Christmas tree?

Let's start immediately by telling you that thelight bulbsLEDs are safer, more "sparing”And brighter than classic incandescent bulbs. For the fateful question about the choice of the series, a lot depends on personal tastes: there are those who want a very illuminated tree and those who prefer lower lighting; again, there are those who want a tree with colored lights, very cheerful and those who prefer a more sober tree, perhaps with only white lights. Cold or warm white? For a more romantic atmosphere, warm light is ideal, for a very elegant tree that recalls the snowy peaks, and cold white LED lamps are ideal.

For this year I bought a series of LED bulbs, 220 cold light bulbs for a 180 cm tree. My choices are very personal: the tree is decorated only in white, it is very elegant and delicate, so I wanted to recall the color of the snow with a cold light. Attention: cold light does not mean blue! There are also blue light bulbs on the market. Is 220 bulbs for a 180cm tree few? Not to my taste!

How many bulbs are needed to light up a Christmas tree?

As with everything there are general rules and, again, as with everything personal tastes can differ a lot! The general rule:

  • For a small tree of 30 cm 45 lights are needed
  • For a 60 cm tree, 90 lights are needed
  • For a 120 cm tree, 180 lights are needed
  • For a Christmas tree of 180 cm 270 lights

Given that the distance between one light bulb and another can also change, generalizing we can say that for a tree of 180 cm a chain of bulbs about 13 meters long will be required so as to be well mounted on the various branches. For trees of 180 cm or more than 2 meters, the use of thecloak of lights, it is a grid that must be worn by the tree. The mantle of lights must be integrated with a series of bulbs to be placed in the innermost part of the tree.

How much do LED lights cost for the Christmas tree?

The market offers a large number of light chains, of different shapes and colors: a mantle of lights for a 2 m high Christmas tree can be bought with an approximate price of 60 - 90 euros depending on the brand and the retailer. On Amazon it is available for around 70 € with warm light and 68 € around for cold light.

Those who want to overdo it with lights will not have to spend a fortune! Now a mega series of 600 LEDs can be bought for less than 90 euros. Suitable for trees of 250 - 300 cm. On Amazon a 600 LED light chain is offered at a price of 68 euros while a good quality 200 LED light chain can be purchased for € 29.90. In both cases, free shipping is offered.

How to mount the bulbs on the Christmas tree

There are two strategies for putting on Christmas lights. The first involves the use of two sets of light bulbs, one to be mounted towards the inside of the tree and one on the external branches. The second strategy involves the use of a single series to run along all the branches and in particular on those that will house the most precious decorations. Personally, I used a single set of light bulbs: when placing them, keep in mind that the LEDs shed much more light than the old incandescent bulbs.

Those who still use energy-efficient light bulbs and want to get a brighter tree will need to use more light bulbs than those who use LEDs.

Who has aartificial treeyou can wrap the bulbs around the branches, changing the orientation of the branch at will.

Who has areal treehe will have to help himself with clamps with which to fix the bulbs in the most critical points.

To avoid seeing the green thread, let it run in correspondence with the main branches, hidden by the smaller branches.

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