Dry nose in dogs

Dry nose in dogs

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Dry nose in dogs, it is not necessarily cause for alarm, it should not be and after this reading it will not be. Or rather, we will understand how and when it is normal and when instead, in case of dry nose in dogs, it is better to go to the vet. It must be immediately clear that the dry nose in dogs it doesn't necessarily mean he's sick. There are many trivial reasons why this happens and they are not health problems but occurrences.

Dry nose in dogs: when not to worry

In summer it is hot and it is quite normal for the dog, perhaps lying in the sun or in an environment where no air is circulating, to show dry nose. In this case, when the cause is the sun, the breeds with light or pink truffles are more affected, a bit like pale skins compared to the olive in us humans are more prone to sunburn.

Let's go back to the world of four legs: under the sun the dry nose in dogs it is quite normal and can be accompanied by chapping or sunstroke. In this case it must be protected with a dermatological cream adequate and it is better not to use protective creams for humans on a dog, unless specially designed products for children, without toxic ingredients.

Another dry nose remedy for sun is to have our playmate do it long walks in cool places or numerous bathrooms. However, in fresh water, whether it be lake or river, because there is salt in the sea that can only worsen the dry nose in dogs.

If this is the problem in the summer, the danger for the winter dry nose is that of heating, next to which our animal usually loves to doze off. The dry nose in dogs in these cases it is quite normal, inevitable and physiological. It is important that as soon as the dog goes away he recovers.

If his is a vice, he can also get cracks and with a pass of Vaseline for a few days everything settles down if you notice immediately.

In any season, dehydration can be a cause of dry nose in dogs. In fact, if the animal does not drink enough, for various reasons, becoming dehydrated, it will find the dry and cracked nose. Having said that we cannot monitor the dog all day to make sure he drinks enough, let's at least remember to always leave a source of fresh water available to him. A continuous state of heavy dehydration it can also have serious consequences on internal organs, particularly the kidneys.

As soon as he wakes up, the dog may present dryness of his nose. It seems trivial, and in fact it is and you do not think about it, perhaps ending up being alarmed for nothing. When the dog rests, you can't licking the nose, of course, and the usual degree of humidity decreases. Once wakefulness has resumed, after about ten minutes, everything should be as humid as ever. If this does not happen, the vet should be called.

The help of an expert is required, even if it is nothing alarming, when the dry nose in dogs occurs following allergies. To prevent them from having this effect and in any case bothering the dog, allergies must be kept under control with a prescribed diet by those who understand. We contact a veterinarian who will advise you, in addition to the diet, also the use of petroleum jelly or shea butter you hate coconut oil.

Always allergy, but not food, another cause of dry nose in dogs is the presence of plastic. Or rather, the use of plastic bowls for food and water, material that may be poorly tolerated by some dogs. By eating in it several times a day it is to be expected that a plastic sensitive dog will suffer and exhibit the dry nose.

The simple replacement of plastic bowls with containers of stainless steel or ceramic can eliminate the problem of dry nose in dogs, to be on the safe side, you can also begin to do without plastic toys and think that one less game, perhaps, but of high quality, long wing is much more fun, for us and for our puppy.

Dry nose in dogs: when to call a vet

So far I have listed the occasions in which not to be alarmed, there are others in which, always without alarming, you have to go to the vet for the dry nose in dogs which could be a little more than a trifle. First of all, with a little spirit of observation it is good to pay attention to whether this condition occurs with a certain frequency and if there are also small wounds or cracks, or light or dark spots.

It is necessary to check that the dry nose in dogs it is not accompanied by other more significant and recognizable symptoms, which may be linked to explicit health problems. If our dog shows himself particularly e strangely tired, with a dry nose, or does not have much appetite, it is best to contact a veterinarian to understand what is underneath.

The same if we see that it has gastrointestinal disorders, or if, observing the truffle, we notice scabs or spots. There can be equally trivial reasons but, when in doubt, it is better for our dog to be waded by an expert eye. Sometimes i small signals they help prevent big things, sometimes small signals remain small signals.

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