Save with car insurance at Km

Save with car insurance at Km

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L'car insurance at kmallows you to save onRCA depending on the actual distance of the vehicle. A convenient solution especially for small city cars and for those who use the car avoiding long trips.

The first mileage insurance on the Italian market isSaraFree which enhances the services offered with the guaranteeTechno assistance. In cases of low mileage, the SaraFree formula halves the cost of the insurance policy by 50%.

How does thekilometric car insurance proposed by Sara Assicurazioni?

At the time of signing the policy, the customer pays only 50% of the RCA premium and receives amileage bonusequal to 4,000 km.

On a quarterly basis, the driver will have to pay only the staff kilometers in excess to the 4,000 already proposed with the stipulation of the SaraFree contract. The kilometers traveled will actually be recorded by the satellite kit installed free of charge on the vehicle. Payment can be made by debiting the current account or credit card and always net of the 4,000 km credited at the signing of the Policy. Upon annual renewal, the customer receives a new bonus of 4,000 km.

A woman who just goes shopping every day in the supermarket near her home or who simply uses her car to accompany and pick up her children from school, may not even have to add a single cent to the policy:

with the bonus of 4,000 km you can travel approximately 333 km per month, that is 11 km per day.

Just do two calculations to understand if theinsurance at km agrees, there are also obvious circumstances in which theinsurance at kmis the right choice:

  • For small city cars that move around city centers.
  • For the second car that just comes out of the garage.
  • For those who use the car to make pre-established routes on a daily basis and therefore it is easier to calculate any excess km.
  • For those who want to comply with the law that provides for mandatory insurance for vehicles.

As is known from the statistics on the behavior of motorists, many users have given up insurance coverage; the most dramatic figure is highlighted in Naples where one in three motorists circulate without RCA coverage. Those who have renounced insurance coverage and the use of the car, thanks toMileage RCA you can get a policy with a 50% discount and get back in compliance with the law.

To understand if theinsurance at kmit is advisable to calculate the kilometers traveled for the routes you usually cover such as:

  • home - work
  • home - school
  • home - supermarket
  • home - relatives

Using Google Maps, calculate the actual kilometers traveled and evaluate how much you can save.

For TPL, SaraFree provides for the payment of 50% of the standard policy premium upon subscription and includes 4,000 km. This is why those who travel up to 4,000 save 50% on the RCA, those who travel up to 6,000 km save 40%, up to 8,000 km save 30%.
For motorists who want maximum peace of mind, Sara Assicurazioni also offers additional services such as Techno roadside assistance and Theft and Kasko guarantees.

To always keep all the data on kilometers traveled (mileage statistics) at hand, motorists can download the application to their smartphoneMySara which also offers information on traffic conditions, vehicle location and direct call to the assistance center. For additional information, please refer to the official Sara Assicurazioni portal.

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