Czechoslovakian wolfdog: character, appearance, puppies and price

Czechoslovakian wolfdog: character, appearance, puppies and price

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Czechoslovakian wolfdog, a breed specifically designed to be the best synthesis between wolf and dog, sometimes abbreviated to "Wolf clc". It was born in Czechoslovakia when it was still only one, in Slovak today it is called Ceskoslovenský vlčiak, Československý vlčák is his Czech name, while in English Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Of medium-large size it belongs to the group of shepherds and cattle dogs, the national recognition as a breed dates back to 1982, in 1989 it then became FCI standard.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog: origins

Recent is the Czechoslovakian wolfdog: was born in 1955, after the war, from an almost disturbing experiment that sees the then Czechoslovakia. With the aim of creating a breed of hybrid between dog and wolf, with the temperament, mentality and trainability of the former and the strength, physical characteristics and endurance of the latter. i a wolf: essentially the appearance of the wolf and the character of the dog.

In numbers, the wolf clc comes from the cross-selection of 48 specimens of german shepherd dog from work and 4 wolves, in 25 years of selection work. The wolves called to contribute are Brita, Argo, Šarik and Lejdy, are four Eurasian wolves.

To date it is not known how much the Czechoslovakian wolfdog bring with you, it is not so simple, selection after selection, to know the exact percentage of wolf that still runs in his blood. Of course, observing the current breed, the wolf is there in its blood and you can see it even if you are not an expert or canine ethologist. The specimens are healthy and resistant but easily trainable, in the past they were used as a Czechoslovakian border guard, today you can see employees used in the Civil protection, in mountain rescue and for rescue.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog: appearance

The Czechoslovakian wolfdog is medium-large in size, measuring 60-65 cm at the withers, weighing from 20 to 26 kg, depending on whether male or female. Its appearance is that of a classic cross between a German shepherd and a wolf, it's easy enough to imagine. Fine and clear eyes, oblique, small and pointed ears, strong paws, black nose, sharp muzzle and rather dry "facial features". Sharpen.
The mantle of the wolf clc it has colors ranging from greyish yellow to silver gray, but always with the characteristic light mask. To caress it feels the strong and smooth hair. In winter the undercoat, combined with the hair, it forms a soft layer all over the body, in summer the appearance is more ... summery, but just as soft. The trend of Czechoslovakian wolfdog it is much more harmonious, agile and loose than that of the shepherd dog and beats it in elegance, with long strides.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog: character

Lively and very active, in need of being active and always moving: so is the czechoslovakian wolfdog, not easy to hold but docile and trainable. It is not lazy, but otherwise there is nothing to complain about. Its origins leave a strong sense of defense and enviable in his blood and mind sense of direction, its wild side makes it suspicious, but not being in the wild it never attacks without a reason. He has in himself the idea of ​​a master and is very faithful to him.

The Czechoslovakian wolfdog male binds particularly to the master and swears loyalty and respect for life, with the idea of herd primordial: it is therefore important to know how to impose oneself in order to clarify the roles. The female, on the other hand, develops a great temperament to be with the children. He has a strong attachment to the family, like a German shepherd, but also a strong instinct to protect the "puppies" of the pack, like a she-wolf exemplary.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog: breeding

It is possible to breed the Czechoslovakian wolfdog in the apartment as long as they are allowed long walks and even runs. And also one intense social life: it is a race that needs contacts, it is single, too, but not lonely singles. To keep him healthy one is important well balanced diet, especially if puppies.

The Czechoslovakian wolfdog it is easy to suffer from heat stroke and sun so it should not be abandoned in a car or in sunny places. The coat is so beautiful that I recommend keeping it well: just brush it once a week.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog: puppies

In 2004 In Italy of Czechoslovakian wolfdog 336 of them were registered, of puppies, and in 2008 485. Puppies more and more desired, for a dog that is making space in a very varied landscape, elbowing with the dog german shepherd common and disproving the legend of being too wild.

In 2012, 1030 puppies were counted, in 2013 1024 puppies were born: the wolf clcwhich has a very appreciated character and skills, so much so that more and more people decide to accept the challenge of training him, despite complexity and needs.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog: reaching maturity

The union between the German shepherd and the wolf led to the birth of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog (or wolf clc), a dog with many qualities but also an important defect to take into consideration, namely the late reaching of maturity. Females have their first heat at around 24 months of age while males urinate by raising the leg (an act that corresponds to the dog entering the adolescent phase) later than other breeds.

The late reaching of maturity does not only involve a physiological slowdown, but a real delay in the various stages of learning. As a result, you will find yourself facing puppies for several months who will continue to make real messes.

The management of the wolf clc it requires a lot of patience due to the late reaching of maturity; moreover, once the latter has been reached, due to the very lively character of this dog breed you will have to pay attention that it does not cause disasters in your home.

We can say without problems that the Czechoslovakian wolfdog is an eternal playful puppy that needs all your attention, think carefully before buying one even if you will be able to accept his "defects of youth" will be an inseparable companion!

Czechoslovakian wolfdog: for whom it is suitable

The Czechoslovakian wolfdog is not suitable for families with small children and elderly people who would not have the physical conditions to be able to guarantee the dog daily movement. Before buying a clc wolf pup, it is essential to evaluate the possibility of dedicating him free time and attention for life.

This breed establishes with the master a very strong bond, made of great loyalty, respect and affection. It is essential to have a lot of patience and to be able to impose yourself with the right authority.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog: price

Despite also the price: a Czechoslovakian wolfdog puppy costs around One thousand Euro. It is worse, as a price, but it is certainly not cheap. Partly also due to the fact that it is not very widespread, for now, but also because it is still a breed that requires its care and attention during the breeding phase.

Perhaps, malicious thought, his fame in Hollywood is exploited a little: he is a Czechoslovakian wolf that of the film Dance with wolves, produced and interpreted by Kevin Costner in 1990. He is the wolf who makes friends with the protagonist, John Dunbar, in some shots, he is the dog nicknamed "Two Socks"Because of the white legs.

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