Machine for making pasta at home

Machine for making pasta at home

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Machine for making pasta at home: advice on how to choose the bestpasta machine, manual or electric, according to your needs. Give her professional pasta machines to cheaper models.

The manufacturers offering the best warranties are also the most popular, namely:

  • Impreia
  • Marked
  • Gefu

These brands, both when it comes to manual pasta machines, both when it comes to electric pasta machine, offer well-made, long-lasting and easy-to-use products. Among the three, the one that aims to meet the expectations of a more demanding audience isGefuthat proposespasta machinesmore accurate but essentially the durability is the same as the other brands mentioned.

Manual or electric pasta machine?

Rather than asking yourself if an Imperia or Marcato pasta machine is better (which as specified are two brands of equivalent quality), you should ask yourself about the operating mechanism: is it better an electric or a crank?

The electric pasta machines they are recommended only for those who intend to make pasta often. Those who plan to use it sporadically would do well to buy a machine with a crank; conversely, those who intend to do the oftenhomemade pastait would do well to take an electric model… even if it is the most traditionalist person of this way: in the long run, turning the crank tired!

Of course, a hand cranked pasta machine has a much longer life expectancy because it is mechanical, while the electrical components are more prone to failure. This is where the manufacturer's warranty comes into play: all pasta machines (electric or manual) are covered by a 2-year legal warranty, to which extra extensions are added depending on the manufacturer. It is not recommended to buy one manual pasta machineto be converted toelectricwith special accessory-motor: manual pasta machines converted to electric are not stable enough and with this modification the life span of the machine itself is drastically reduced.

Pasta machine with crank converted to electric

The body of the pasta machines with crank is thinner and lighter than a machine with an electric motor, if on the one hand this means less space, on the other it also means that a future adaptation by purchasing the appropriate accessory is not a choice. wise!

The motor added as an accessory tends to wear out the thread of the crank screws, so if you have purchased it, avoid disassembling it every time. Furthermore, a manual pasta machine turned into electric tends to be less stable, producing vibrations which, in the long run, tend to wear out the body of the machine and its accessories.

To get an idea of ​​the prices and the best models ofpasta machineswe propose the following list based on the best value for money:

Electric pasta machine - Imperia 700 (in the photo above)
Price: € 174.99 with free shipping

Recommended for those who want to make pasta often and prefer different shapes. More information on this pasta machine is available in the articleElectric pasta machine.

Pasta machine Titania 190 Imperia (in the photo at the top of the page).
Price: 31.37 Euro with free shipping.

As with all manual pasta machines, it is recommended for those who intend to use it sporadically. Just like the electric machine, this can also be enriched with numerous accessories (shapes for gnocchi, ravioli, spaghetti…). We reported the Titanai from Imperia and not the entry level of the Marcato or Gefu for better value for money (it is cheaper and offers the same performance and the same strength).

Professional pasta machines

The speech is very different for theprofessional pasta machines that cannot be bought with a few hundred euros. Theprofessional pasta machinesthey are real systems, the more complex models have integrated stitchers and dryers. Thecarsfor the simpler professional pasta they have a body that giveskneaderand a tool that extrudesthe pasta giving it the shape of your choice. Among the professional pasta machines we mention the sheeters and those used to make stuffed pasta.

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