Fila brasileiro: character and price

Fila brasileiro: character and price

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Fila Brasileiro, a dog that owes its name to the Portuguese language, given its origin, where "row" means "to keep". It is a dog that cares about its owner, but above all that it cares. In his case he held, he held, the slaves who ran away.

That of fila brasileiro is a canine breed of Brazilian origin and molossoid type, to make it known are the strong temperament and the great devotion to the master. The strong points of the fila brasileiro, they are in fact courage, character and loyalty. It is therefore normal that the fila brasileiro stand out as a good cattle dog, a good jaguar hunter, a good protection dog and a loyal companion.

Fila brasileiro: origins

Unlike many modern breeds, the fila brasileiro is a dog that happened, served and was born, during the life of the first colonizers of Brazil. It was not created "artificially", therefore, but simply as soon as we arrived on those lands i colonizers they needed a strong, sturdy and hard-working dog.

There are some basic breeds that contributed to the development of the fila brasileiro, there are mainly four: the engelsen doggen or bulldog, the mastiff, the ancient bloodhounds and the terceirense row. The fila brasileiro has in itself parts of one and the other but recognizable: ofengelsen doggen or from bulldog ancient has preserved temperament and stubbornness, but also the colors, the physical structure of the rear and the great resistance.

From the mastiffinstead, he took the big heavy head, the strong mass, the courage, the basic colors and even the black mask on the muzzle. Of the bloodhound in fila brasileiro abundant skin, hanging lips and ears are recognizable. And then the fabulous smell and sense of direction in large spaces.

Finally there is its almost namesake terceirense row which left him with a curved tail and the ability to lead cattle. In addition to this theory of the mix of four races, these views, there is another, which however remains more on paper. There are those who claim, for research and theoretical studies, that the fila brasileiro arrived, after the discovery of Brazil in 1500, together with the Portuguese colonizers who came from Azores islands.

Fila brasileiro: appearance

As already imagined knowing its origins, the row brasilerio it is a powerful-boned dog. To see it has a rectangular structure, a compact physique, harmonious and very well proportioned. It is big and thick, as they say, but not at the expense of agility. Females of the fila brasileiro they are very feminine and must be recognizable by males.

The size of the fila brasileiro it is medium to large, at the withers it measures between 65 and 75 cm, if female a few cm less, but still remains large. As a weight, it must not fall below 50 kg, the female is also tolerated of 40 kg but no less. The structure is robust and in the first place is the trunk, wide and deep, covered with typical loose skin.

The head is a big head, heavy but proportionate to the body, with a large black nose with wide nostrils.The muzzle is deep and shows lips with a descending shape that give the fila brasileiro a typical expression, almost sad, very tender, together with the hanging ears, large and thick. The eyes are usually quite large and almond-shaped, dark brown in color, but vary up to yellow by pairing with the color of the coat.

The fila brasileiro, it has short, smooth, thick and close-fitting hair that can appear in all solid colors except white and mouse gray. There are also accepted versions that have spots or streaks, or bands of less intense or very dark color. It is not mandatory that, even on a single color, the dark mask appears.

Fila brasileiro: character

Courage, character and loyalty. I said it right away: despite having a memorable and enviable physique, the fila brasileiro he is famous for these rare gifts. It is a very determined dog but at the same time docile both with its owner and, less obvious, with children who can take it as a large plush toy.

The fila brasileiro he seeks and desires the company of the family and of the humans that he identifies as family members but remains aggressive with those he does not know and does not deny his calm and safe nature but also as a guard dog, for keeping livestock, for hunting large animals.

When it is quiet, however, those who know the row brasilerio he says he has a calm expression, never bored or absent, but if he returns alert, the eye has a determined and serious expression: you don't mess with such a dog.

Fila brasileiro: breeding

The farms of fila brasileiro, the first appeared at the beginning of the 1900s, but the breed was able to receive official recognition from the F.C.I in 1946, after the war. In his career he has been through it, however, and breeding, in addition to training, has not lacked. He had one military career where he deserved the nomination of best dog for jungle warfare.

He served in the Brazilian army and also in the ranks of the US police, then they noticed it and also raised it to work in maximum security prisons with protection functions, to make patrols.

On farms, the fila brasileiro is increasingly preferred, even with respect to for example the Bloodhound because it protects the master. Another source of pride for this dog is its sense of smell, and so are its speed, endurance and good adaptability in the jungle.

The splendid specimen of Fila Brasileiro portrayed in the photographs in our article is Babilonia, or rather Baby as her owner Roberto Cossa calls her (whom we thank for using the images!) daughter of a couple imported from Brazil by Aliosha Gennari, a close friend of Roberto.

You can find more pictures of Baby on Facebook page of the Rugioro kennel and you can see other dogs of other breeds on the official web page.

Fila brasileiro: price

It is difficult to tell how much a puppy costs fila brasileiro, in Italy it is not a dog that is often seen around but we are around 800-1000 euros. Of course it must be found and, since it is not easy, there is not much choice and possibility to negotiate, but, given his talents, I think there will be more market in the future. So the competition will make it even more affordable as a price.

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