Electricity theft

Electricity theft

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Electricity thefthow do i know if my electricity is stolen? How to report the incident and what are the penalties for those who steal energy.

The theft of electricityit is a crime punishable with administrative and pecuniary sanctions. The disciplinary penalties include up to six years of imprisonment.

Theenergy theftfalls within thelong-term offensesas the withdrawal of electricity does not occur aone-off.This is a very common crime that sees a substantial increase in the electricity bill as the first warning sign.

Electricity theft, how to recognize it

How do I know if my electricity is stolen?Doubt is legitimate and not easy to answer. The risk factors that can lead us to evaluate any energy theft are:

  • Electricity meter placed in an easily accessible place or in a common area, very common in the case of condominiums.
  • Counter that starts "jumping" frequently. It detaches because it exceeds the maximum limit of 3.3 kW.
  • Sudden increase in bill costs and related consumption.

In the case of these three signals, it is important to monitor the counter activity. Only by checking the activity of the electricity meter will it be possible to understand if you are a victim of electricity theft. The first thing to do to understand if your electricity is being stolen is to turn off all devices and see if consumption continues. In detail:

  1. Disconnect all electrical appliances, including the refrigerator.
  2. Unplug directly because standby devices generate minimal consumption.
  3. Check the counter activity which, if it still detects consumption, highlights the crime.

Energy theft or dispersions?

The sudden increase in electricity consumption can be linked to a malfunction of the domestic electricity network. If your electrical system is very dated, disconnect the power in the house using the life-saving device and thus monitor the main energy meter. Only in this way is it possible to understand whether consumption is linked to electrical losses or energy theft. If, by activating the life saver, the counter does not detect any activity, it probably means that they are not therestealing energybut there is a fault. Contact a good electrician who can locate the leak and fix things.

What to do if someone steals your electricity

The first thing to do isreport the fact to the police. It is not advisable to contact your supplier's technician directly because you risk being accused oftamperingorsale of electricity to third parties. The complaint will protect you from any accusation by the manager.

After making the appropriate report to the police, contact your energy supplier to request a technical inspection. The technician will dorepair the counterand will try to go back to "energy thief " following the path of electricity to the illicit user.

Generally, the most popular methods for the theft of electricity I'm:

  • unauthorized connection to public network cables.
  • Tampering with the domestic meter by using a magnet or resistance.
  • Tampering with the meter through a software modification (rarer).
  • Connecting to another user's power cord, breaking the seal of the distributor.

A less ingenious and easier way to identify is to observe the meter. Only two cables should come out of each meter. A first phase cable and a second neutral cable, these go to the apartment circuit breaker. If more cables are coming out of your meter, it means that someone ishookedto your electricity supply. The coupling, however, can also take place along the path that carries the energy (phase cable) to your apartment, so it is not always so obvious to identify.

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