Anti-smog mask for motorcycles

Anti-smog mask for motorcycles

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Anti-smog mask for motorcycles: models on the market, prices and user opinions. Tips to choose the best anti-smog mask for motorcycles by spending the right amount.

Why use a anti-smog mask for motorcyclesThe International Agency for Research on Cancer, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, has drawn up various reports that closely correlate the onset of tumors (especially of the respiratory tract and of the digestive system) to pollution of the 'air. In short, air pollution would be one of the main causes of cancer and, following these publications, for the first time, the United Nations has released statements with a strong impact on the risk of cancer related to air pollution. . Who drives scooters and motorcycles is heavily exposed to urban smog and one manti-smog mask can make a difference.

Anti-smog mask for Tucano motorcycles

Toucanis the famous brand specialized in transport solutions and accessories of various kinds, dedicates a strong attention to the world of centaurs and in its range of products there is no shortageanti-smog masks for motorcyclistsThe anti-smog mask for Tucano motorcycles, even if emblazoned by the signature it bears, has collected many negative opinions from users who have had the opportunity to test this accessory in first person.

The anti-smog mask for Tucano motorcycles can be bought onAmazonwith 26 euros (templateSmoggyand free shipping but according tomotorcyclists, this accessory has several flaws. Among the reports, there are those who say that it makes the visor of the helmet fog up, those who say that breathing does not feel there is any difference because the smog feels everything ... Other criticisms leveled atTucano anti-smog maskconcern the filter housing which, having no anchoring system, would move the filter away preventing it from fulfilling its function. Still others affirm that the band that should fix the mask to the nape is uncomfortable and does not hold ... in short, among the opinions we read a general discontent as well, rather than buying theanti-smog mask for Tucano motorcycleswe recommend cheaper products but with more positive reviews.

Anti-smog masks for motorcycles

We went hunting foranti-smog masks most loved by those theremotorcyclereally lives it. We read the opinions on the forums and we even tested one, the one that apparently is less pretentious but that returns an excellent filtering system.

We are talking about the "Lampa Defensor Anti-Smog Mask" which can be bought at a price of 13.99 euros onAmazon with free shipping. The low price is an excellent business card, especially if associated with comfort performance. Replacement filters can be purchased on Amazon or in more hardware stores. Before use, we recommend exposing the mask without the filter to the air.

The rigid plastics inside have a strong odor that disappears after a short time. It can also be used with a full-face helmet, although some users said that when using it with a full-face helmet, it went too tight. Remember to replace the filters at least 3 times a year. The filter tends to change color (becomes grayish) when it is time for replacement.

Thismaskfor motorcyclesit is also recommended for those who love to ride but have the misfortune ofsuffer from allergies. It works perfectly as pollen filter, as well as as anti-smog and anti-dust.


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