Chrysanthemum cutting, the guide

Chrysanthemum cutting, the guide

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Chrysanthemum cutting: the instructions for multiplying chrysanthemums by cuttings. From the ideal period to the care for the cutting first and the plant after.

Our column onchrysanthemum cultivation, after having seen the needs and care to be given to the plant, on this page we will talk about propagation by cuttings. Therechrysanthemum cuttingit is very simple and is a best practice to safeguard the prosperity ofchrysanthemumsgrown in their own garden.

Grow chrysanthemum from seed or cuttings

Startgrow chrysanthemum from cuttingsit is convenient, not only because it makes you sure of the variety obtained and shortens the flowering time.Grow chrysanthemums for cuttingsit is worthwhile because cultivation from seed often does not bring the results obtained: many varieties of chrysanthemum bear sterile seeds.

In any case, if anyone wants to try equally agrow chrysanthemumsstarting from the seed, the period indicated for sowing falls at the end of winter. The sowing of the chrysanthemum must take place in a protected place.

Chrysanthemum cutting

In case of cultivation already in progress in the garden or in a pot - planter

THEchrysanthemumsare very long-lived plants and thecuttingsthey are a means of enhancing its duration. THEchrysanthemums, if well kept, they can thrive for several decades but can run into the problem of excessive density. Not being able, as with other herbaceous plants, to divide the clod, it will be necessary to thin the plants by transferring them elsewhere or eliminating the more fragile plants.

Chrysanthemum cutting, how to do it

The best time to runchrysanthemum cuttingsfalls in August, on the occasion of thepruning (for further information:prune chrysanthemums in pots or in the garden). Alternatively it is possible to anticipate thecuttingin early spring, using the semi-woody twigs that have survived the winter.

For rooting, place thechrysanthemum cuttingin a caisson (unheated) containing soft soil covered with a layer of river sand. If you have heated caissons you can also anticipate thechrysanthemum cuttingto the winter period (approximately in February). If you don't have a caisson, you can do thechrysanthemum cuttingwhen the outside temperatures have reached a minimum of about 16 ° C.

How to take the cutting

The cuttings for the multiplication of chrysanthemum they are obtained from the basal jets of the plant and if the plant does not have basal jets you can resort to some jets that depart from the main stem, choose the more woody jets. The cuttings of chrysanthemums they are obtained from the ends of the jet, keeping the last leaves intact. The leaves at the base of the jet will need to be cut.

As explained at other times, all cuttingsthey are removed by making a clean and oblique cut in order to increase the rooting surface. The cut must be made below the attachment point of a leaf that we had previously removed. The carnation cuttings must have a maximum length of 3 - 5 cm.

For those who want to root thecuttingdirectly in the pot, take jars with a diameter of 7 - 8 cm, also in this case you will have to fill them with soil and river sand. Thechrysanthemum cuttingsthey take about 4 - 5 weeks to root.

To increase the chances of engraftment

To encourage rooting, you can use powders that stimulate rooting. Purchase a cutting powder also known asrooting hormone. Among the various rooting products we point out the rooting powder "Verde vivo", proposed on Amazon with free shipping at the price of € 12.60. There are many rooting agents available on the web and on Amazon, you are spoiled for choice.

Chrysanthemum, care and cultivation needs

Thechrysanthemumprefers neutral or slightly acidic soil; during cultivation, the soil must be kept moist but well drained and enriched with well decomposed manure.

If you have an alkaline and clayey soil, you can still grow chrysanthemum; in the case of clayey soil, it will be better to lighten it with sand and increase its acidity with peat. For all information on care and cultivation, please refer to the page"Growing chrysanthemums, the guide".

Propagation by cuttings, our guides

To make the most of the technique of multiplication by cuttings, we refer you to reading our guide articles to propagate the following plants.

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