Vegetable carbon for bread and pizza

Vegetable carbon for bread and pizza

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Charcoal for bread and pizza, we answer the most common curiosities: how to use it, where to buy it, is it good for you, what are its properties. All information on the black bread and on pizza al charcoal.

The use of thevegetable charcoal for bread and pizzasparked quite a few controversies. Not to support the spread ofvegetable coalsin the food world, on the one hand they are traditional bakers and on the other, health-conscious.

Is charcoal bad for you?

The presence of thecharcoalin food products it is indicated on the label with the initials E153. The gap arises from the EU regulation 1129/2011, which classifies thecharcoalas a natural food colorant and, for bread and similar products, the use of dyes is prohibited.

It would seem that the food industry is exploiting the use ofcharcoalto bring up a productrefinedmorenaturalisgenuineof what it really is.

Theblack breadthat we find on the market is made with refined white flours, brewer's yeast and charcoal. With such a recipe it is difficult to exploit the potential beneficial properties of charcoal.

The issue isn't just about charcoal bread! The world of bread as well as that of flour in general is very sad today. Even thewhole grain breadthat we find on the market is onegenuine fake choice.

In the peasant tradition, wholemeal flour is produced from soft wheat ground with natural stone, which means that thewholemeal flourrepresents theflourwhich has not been sieved but has only undergone a first grinding process. With these foundations, thewholemeal flourit should contain all parts of the grain of wheat, from the innermost to the outermost. Unfortunately, in reality this is not the case! The wholemeal bread that we find on the market is given by the refined white flour mixed with re-milled bran. In short, the consumer thinking of making a wise choice will find himself buying a product that is twice as refined.

It is clear that the industrial production process triggers serious nutritional disputes: consumers buy black bread(be it integral or alcharcoal) convinced that they are buying a healthier product while finding an equally refined food in the cart.

The solution is self-production!

To be sure to prepareblack bread quality, as well as a charcoal pizza dough, it is important to carefully select the raw material and prepare it in the home.

Making bread or pizza at home is not difficult, paradoxically it is more difficult to find raw materials of a certain origin! Those lucky enough to have a grinder, an excellent blender or a food processor, can produce the flour at home in order to greatly shorten the production chain. Personally I like to make flour at home and experiment with new blends. For all the instructions I refer you to my guide articleHow to make flour at home.

The ingredients for a good activated carbon breadthey seereal whole wheat flour, refreshed sourdough, water, malted flour and salt.To prepare the charcoal pizza the ingredients are the same except for the malted flour. For natural yeast, I refer you to the article Freshening of the mother yeast.

For dosages, 6 grams of vegetable charcoal powder is enough for every 500 grams of flour. Of course you can make bread with flourdouble zero (type 00) but also in this case it is advisable to choose organic flour of certain origin. The dosages ofActivated carbonto be respected for every type of dough (from pizzas to focaccia) they see from 10 to 15 grams of vegetable carbon powder for each kilogram of flour used.

The properties of charcoal

The charcoal, Also known asActivated carbon, is a great ally when it comes to fighting bloated stomach or intestinal gas. To hire Activated carbon not only does it help deflate the belly, it facilitates digestion and fights constipation. Thecharcoal it is considered a natural remedy to combat aerophagia, meteorism, flatulence, abdominal swelling, dyspepsia, gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux, stomach acid, constipation, nervous colitis, heavy metal poisoning and drugs. With these premises, it is clear that theblack bread with activated carbonit seems to be, from a health point of view, better than classic white bread. Indeed, it is, but only if carefully prepared with genuine ingredients.

Where to buy vegetable carbon for bread and piazza

It is not easy to findcharcoalfor food use. Typically, theActivated carbonit comes in tablet form to be taken as a food supplement. I personally buy thecharcoalonline, taking advantage of the best offer found on Amazon or similar portals. On Amazon, a 250-gram package of Charcoal is offered at a price of 16.77 euros. With 250 grams of vegetable charcoal you will be able to prepare approximately 80 pizzas or loaves of black bread.

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